Thursday, July 04, 2019

Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch: "Erdogan mocks US, defies Trump and confirms purchase of Russian missiles"

Erdogan mocks US, defies Trump and confirms purchase of Russian missiles

Not a friend. Not an ally. Turkey should not be a member of NATO. The US alliance with Turkey is based on Cold War strategies that are now obsolete.
“Erdogan MOCKS US as he defies Trump to complete Russia missile purchase,” by Kumail Jaffer, Express, July 1, 2019 (thanks to Joshua):
TURKEY President Tayyip Erdogan took aim at the US after he confirmed the first delivery of Russian S-400 missiles would arrive within 10 days.
Mr Erdogan has been sparring with US President Donald Trump over the issue of S-400 missiles for a number of months. The White House’s threats have been swiftly dismissed by the Turkish President and to add insult to injury, Mr Erdogan publicly praised the Russian-made missiles, saying they were worth three times as much as a US-made Patriot missile. Following a tense meeting between the two at the G20 summit in Osaka, Mr Erdogan, in typical fashion, refused to mince his words.
The Turkish leader said: “One S-400 is worth three Patriots.
“If the conditions are even equal to the S-400 (deal), we would buy Patriots, but if they are not, then we have to think of our interests.”
The US attempted to sway Turkey by offering it Patriot missiles in place of the S-400 purchase, which Turkey agreed last year.
However, according to data compiled from the manufacturers, the S-400 appears to be far superior.
It can shoot targets travelling at twice the speed that the US-made missile can, as well being able to engage with double the targets.
Patriot missiles were also used to limited effect in the 1991 Gulf War, creating doubts over their practical use.
This will come as a huge victory for Erdogan, who, not long ago, came under immense US pressure to cancel the S-400 missile purchase.
Washington sees the S-400 missiles as incompatible with NATO systems and claims it leaves their F-35 fighter jets – which it currently supplies to Turkey – open to Russian subterfuge.
On a geopolitical level, the White House does not want to see any deepening of ties between Ankara and Moscow due to Turkey’s strategic status in the region.
As such, the US threatened to halt the F-35 programme – in which Turkey buy the jets and Washington trains Turkish pilots – and formally place sanctions on firms in the country.
However, Mr Erdogan was defiant in his actions as he believed the US would never punish its ally in the region, lest it grows ever closer to Russia as a result….

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