Thursday, May 16, 2019

Germany: Three ‘students’ plan to murder teacher for failing one of them - Vlad Tepes Blog

Germany: Three ‘students’ plan to murder teacher for failing one of them

Some sick kids come from ‘Dortmund’ I guess. Unless of course you know, they aren’t really from Dortmund but from a place more known to kill people for trivial reasons.
The main culprit, according to the investigators, was a student of the chemistry and German teacher: Serkan (16) had been so dissatisfied with the grading by the senior teacher of Martin Luther King Comprehensive School (780 students, with anti-bullying projects) that he repeatedly fought with his teacher. “He felt treated so unfairly that he wanted to get rid of the teacher,” said the spokesman for the prosecutor, Felix Giesenregen (33). The adolescent is said to have instigated a classmate (17) and a friend (18) to help him kill the teacher.
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There are a few things that need to be made clear from the outset. Things which I and others here have stated repeatedly but can get lost as articles vanish down the blog and into the past. However some of these ideas are the template around which other posts are made and therefore it is important that this site and its articles are viewed with these principles in mind. If nothing else, it can solidify either your support for, or your contempt of this blog and its authors but at least it will be for what we actually stand for and believe as opposed to what others may imagine and impugn it to be.
The first thing I feel needs clarification is our attitude towards Islam. I need to be as clear about this as humanly possible.
Islam is a religious political and cultural system. Its no more deserving of protection than that of Nazism or Communism with which, by the way, it shares a great deal. Islam is not a race and therefore criticism of it is not racist.
No more than pointing out that the hate Islam preaches and the hateful actions taken in the name of Islam are themselves hate speech. It is merely stating the facts as even the Muslim aggressors state them.
The greater threat to Classical civilisation is that of irrational leftism. Moral relativism, a subset of modern leftism is a kind of intellectual slight of hand which makes it seem very clever to equate terrorism for example, with military actions designed to achieve the greatest military objectives with the least damage and death possible.
I would like to borrow a rhetorical device from Sam Harris author of End of Faith which deals with this well:
‘Imagine you have the perfect weapon. One which would do exactly as little or as much damage as you would want it to. One which could isolate a single person or building or take out an entire city or nation by whichever means you choose. Now give that weapon to a Muslim leader or Islamic state, The United States, Israel, anyone you can think of and ask yourself honestly, how would these weapons be used?’