Monday, May 27, 2019

Christine Douglass-Williams, Jihad Watch: "France: Algerian national arrested among 4 in nail bomb “terror” attack in Lyon"

France: Algerian national arrested among 4 in nail bomb “terror” attack in Lyon

Jihad Watch covered the the nail bomb blast in Lyon, France that left 13 people injured including an 10 year old child on Saturday. At the time, it was only revealed that police had launched an investigation into “terror conspiracy”, but jihad terror was unconfirmed, although it was suspected by many, given a UK Telegraph report that reminded readers that “France has been on high alert since the start of a wave of jihadist attacks began in 2015.”
Now comes evidence that further points toward a likelihood that the attack was indeed jihad motivated. “French media report that one suspect is an IT student of Algerian nationality”, and it is implied that he is the suspected bomber.  Among the others arrested: one is a minor and the other two–a man and a woman–are identified as the parents of one of the suspects.
“France Lyon: Police arrest suspects in parcel bomb attack”, BBC, May 27, 2019:
French police have arrested four people after a suspected parcel bomb exploded in Lyon last week, injuring 13 people.
The device, packed with screws and ball bearings, detonated outside a bakery on Friday afternoon.
One of those arrested, a 24-year-old man, is the suspected bomber, prosecutors say. Another man and a woman were also reportedly detained.
Police had been hunting for a man seen cycling near the scene of the blast wearing a balaclava and rucksack.
Anti-terrorist prosecutors are leading the investigation, co-ordinating with Lyon police and France’s internal security service, the DGSI.
What do we know about the suspects?
French media report that one suspect is an IT student of Algerian nationality. A source told news agency Reuters that police arrested him in Lyon after tailing him in the street. It reportedly decided not to arrest him in his apartment in case there were explosives in the building.
The second suspect, according to local press, is a minor who attends a school in the city.
Two other people, a man and a woman, have also been arrested. They are reportedly the parents of one of the suspects.
Last week, police released a picture from CCTV footage of a person they believe carried out the bombing.
What do we know about the attack?
The explosion struck near the corner of two crowded pedestrian streets in Lyon’s historic city centre.
Investigators have recovered screws, ball bearings, along with a printed circuit, batteries and a remote-controlled trigger device…..

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