Saturday, April 27, 2019

John Guandolo, Understanding The Threat: Lying Dawah

Islam obliges muslims to lie to non-muslims when the goal is advancing Islam.
When muslims call non-muslims into Islam, they are deceptive about the true nature of Islam. This quote comes from Methodology of Dawah which teaches muslims how to recruit people into Islam:
"Some rituals of religion and traditions of the Muslim Community are explained. A short account of the Prophet's life is presented, without the revolutionary aspect....the revolutionary aspect of Islam is rarely brought before the new converts, as in most cases the Da'ee (the one calling others to Islam) himself is not conversant in it."
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The Mission

Understanding the Threat provides threat-focused strategic and operational consultation, training, and education for federal, state, and local leadership and agencies in government, the private sector, and for private citizens. UTT is the only organization in America which is training leaders, elected officials, law enforcement, military personnel, and citizens, about the Global Islamic Movement and the jihadi networks in communities around the nation.  UTT is also the only organization showing security professionals and state leaders how to locate and map out jihadi organizations, locate jihadis, and dismantle the network at the local and state level. While UTT briefs and teaches about many of the threats external and internal to the United States, its primary concern is the threats to the Republic and the West in general from the Global Islamic Movement.

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John Guandolo is the Founder of, an organization dedicated to providing strategic and operational threat-focused consultation, education, and training for federal, state and local leadership and agencies, and designing strategies at all levels of the community to defeat the enemy.
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