Friday, March 01, 2019

Uyghur Scholars on Muslim Brotherhood TV: China Is Worse than America and the Jews

Uygher researcher AbdulAhad Uojegon said on Al-Watan TV, a Turkey-based Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood channel, that several years ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping had secretly announced to the Communist Party that he plans to assimilate or kill all Turkestanis, particularly the Uyghur Muslims, by 2050. Uojegon said that this is part of a grand Chinese plan to attack the entire world, and he claimed that the Chinese believe that the Turkestanis are the only obstacle standing in the way of their commercial enterprises. He also said that China is much more dangerous than America. Uyghur Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Azhari, who is a member of the Islamic Scholars Association of Turkestan, referred to a verse in the Quran that says polytheists – like the Chinese – hold the most enmity towards Muslims, and that the Jews hold this enmity as well. He added: "Despite their enmity [towards Muslims], America – and even the Jews – are at least the People of the Book." The show aired on December 19, 2018. To see more from Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Azhari, see MEMRI TV clip 6888.


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