Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Jan Milld is still a Holocaust-denier

Jan Milld was a leading Sweden Democrat politician.
After leaving the party years ago he has for many years been active on the internet in various ways.

This blogger, IceViking, has previously translated some of his writings relating to Jews and the Holocaust under the blogpost title "Jan Milld is a Holocaust-denier". Unfortunately my original blogpost has since been deleted.

However, I still stand by that statement and I have posted additional links and documentation in Swedish which can be assessed in this blogpost of mine:

My then critique of Jan Milld led to noted Norwegian blogger and writer Fjordman distancing himself completely from Jan Milld and asking Jan Milld to remove all of Fjordman`s writings from Jan Milld`s site as well as publicly thanking me, IceViking, for bringing my criticisms to his attention. 

However, I was also attacked by some and the truth of my criticisms was rejected by others.

Holocaust-denial is wrong and dangerous. The Holocaust did happen. Antisemitism is always wrong and completely immoral.