Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Israel Advocacy Movement: David Collier on the antisemitism denial industry

Watch as David Collier breaks down how anti-Zionist Jews, deny antisemitism exists as they regularly interact with those sharing white supremacy & neo-Nazi websites.
Full 260 page report:
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Israel Advocacy Movement (IAM) aims to establish a “mass movement” of Israeli advocates through training and mobilising a network of passionate supporters of Israel. IAM will develop teams of local volunteers and work with existing groups whose activities will be coordinated in national campaign to counter British hostility to Israel. To achieve this we will take volunteers through a series of training programmes and provide them with promotional material to counter this negativity at a street level.


Educate – Volunteers must first educate themselves in the history of the conflict, as knowledge is the key to promoting Israel and countering the lies that plague the debate.
Advocate – Once volunteers have reached a sufficient level of knowledge, they are ready to go out and promote all that they have learnt to the British public.
Motivate – The real key to our success will be when volunteers inspire others to go out and advocate. Publicising their efforts is ensure others will follow in their footsteps.

Mission statement

Our mission is counter the increasing hostility Israel is suffering at the hands of the British public. The Israel/Palestine conflict is plagued by huge volumes disinformation circulated by Israel’s enemies, this duplicitous strategy has manipulated many well intentioned Britons into harbouring underserved prejudices against Israel. We intend to counter this bias by educating the masses of Britain using social media and network of street level advocacy teams to educate the British masses on the reality of the Israel/Palestine conflict.

David Collier


Independent writer / researcher fighting for truth. Listed in top 100 people 'positively influencing Jewish life'. Zionist. 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇮🇱