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Christine Douglass-Williams, Jihad Watch: "Canada: Independent Jewish Voices co-founder promotes the “legacy” of the Ayatollah Khomeini"

Canada: Independent Jewish Voices co-founder promotes the “legacy” of the Ayatollah Khomeini

Ken Stone is a founding member of a Leftist Jewish pro-Palestinian group, Independent Jewish Voices. Stone was introduced in a recent speech as a man “who lost many family members in Poland and Russia during the reign of Hitler,” and as a man who “vowed to always stand up against racism and against Israel positioning itself as a representative of Jewish people.” Here, Stone is referring to Israel as a racist nation that does not represent the Jewish people or identity. This same belief is enshrined in the Palestinian Liberation Organization Charter, which states that the PLO’s purpose is to liquidate Israel.
Something is gravely wrong with Ken Stone and others when they ignore the Muslim states surrounding Israel that have sought to obliterate it from the day of its birth. They also fail to recognize the role of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in the Holocaust, and the significance of that role. Ken Stone et al are likewise blind to the racism, supremacism, and bloodlust of the Palestinian jihad against Israel.
Ken Stone offers his own interpretation of what the Ayatollah Khomeini meant by his statement that “the regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the pages of time,” words that are repeated continuously by the Iranian regime as it forces its people to cry “Death to Israel” and “Death to America.” Stone believes that he can be the mouthpiece of the highest religious authorities in Iran, who also command jihadist proxies including Hizballah. The Holocaust was made possible by means of lies and indoctrination which stripped Jews of their identity and personhood. Today, just as  there were blacks who helped sell other blacks into slavery, there are Jews who are being used to validate and perpetuate the worst antisemitism and incitement. The fact that Ken Stone and others get away with this is an indicator of the success level of the antisemitic movement to strip away Jewish identity, malign Jews from within, and ultimately eradicate Zionism, in accordance with the PLO mandate and longstanding jihadist aspirations.
The madness that has gripped far too many Westerners highlights the necessity to up the ante in the fight for freedom, justice and equality, if Western civilization is to be saved from the advancing jihad.
“Pro-Palestinian Canadian Jewish Activist’s Speech on the Legacy of Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini,” by Jonathan Halevi, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, March 6, 2019:
Ken Stone is a founding member of Independent Jewish Voices (IJV), IJV-Hamilton member, Hamilton Mountain NDP (New Democratic Party) member and the treasurer of the Hamilton Coalition To Stop The War. Stone was a speaker in al-Quds Day rallies held in Toronto in 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2013 and 2012.
On May 13, 2016, Ken Stone was a keynote speaker at an event, organized by the Islamic Society of York Region, commemorating the 27th anniversary of Imam Khomeini’s death. The event was entitled “Imam Khomeini – Liberator and Reformer of the Masses.”
Excerpts from Ken Stone’s speech , May 13, 2016.
Moderator: “Our keynote speaker for today is a champion of human rights who stood up against racism and Zionism for over four decades. As someone who lost many family members in Poland and Russia during the reign of Hitler, Ken Stone vowed to always stand up against racism and against Israel positioning itself as a representative of Jewish people. I would like to request Mr. Ken Stone to please come on the stage to share his thoughts.”
Ken Stone: “Good evening brothers and sisters. It’s a great pleasure to have been invited here to the Islamic Society of York region and to add my voice to all those voices raised in appreciation of the legacy of the Ayatollah Khomeini.
“I have four things to say. The first one is I appreciate his contribution to the support of the Palestinian people. Ayatollah Khomeini strongly condemned Zionism, and he strongly supported the rights of the Palestinian people.
“He made a famous statement and I quote: ‘The regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the pages of time. This statement was mistranslated purposely by the Zionists and the Western media to say that Iran believes that all the Jewish immigrants to Palestine should be thrown in the sea, that this Israel should be wiped off the map. All those statements were lies. All those statements were lies, brothers and sisters.’
“What the Ayatollah meant, and correctly meant, was that the criminal regime, the criminal Zionist regime in Jerusalem had to be disposed in the same way that the criminal apartheid regime in Johannesburg had to be disposed of, and it was done so in South Africa without any bloodshed. The regime and the Soviet Union disappeared from the pages of time, again without bloodshed, and so what the Ayatollah Khomeini was saying was that the government, that the apartheid system, that the Zionist colonial project in Palestine had to end and he was absolutely right in doing so.
“Not only did he say that, but he changed, his revolution changed Iranian foreign policy. He turned it on its head. Previously the Shah of Iran was an American stooge. He was an ally of the Zionist state, the state of Israel. In fact, Iran was one of the three pillars of American foreign policy, of the empire in the Middle East: Iran, the state of Israel, Saudi Arabia. The Ayatollah Khomeini changed all that. He changed the way that even the religion is practiced around the world of Islam.
“I look around the room here today, and I see friendly faces. I see in the summer every year the third Saturday I think it is of Ramadan. I see Zafar [Bangash]. I see Munir, Siraj, a lot of friendly faces that I meet behind Queen’s Park every year when we march on Al-Quds Day. And I understand people march now in 60 or 70 cities around the world. This is a legacy of the Ayatollah Khomeini.
“As I said he changed foreign policy. One of the things that I personally experienced in the changing of the Iranian foreign policy is that I attended the Fifth International Parliamentary Conference on the Palestinian Intifada. I was the only Canadian who went, and when I arrived in the hall, which I believe was the former parliament building, there were just as there is here in this mosque today, a big portrait of Ayatollah Khamenei on one side, and the other side a big portrait of Ayatollah Khomeini.
“To open the conference, Ayatollah Khamenei took the stand, and I want to read you just a few words of what he had to say that day about Palestine.
“He said:
‘Among all the issues that deserve to be discussed by religious and political figures from across the world of Islam, the issue of Palestine enjoys special prominence. Palestine is the primary issue among all common issues of Islamic countries. This issue has unique characteristics.
‘The first characteristic is that a Muslim country has been taken away from its people and entrusted to foreigners who have come together from different countries to form a fake and Mosaic society. The second characteristic is that this historically unprecedented event has been accompanied by constant killings, crimes, oppression, and humiliation. The third characteristic is that the Muslims first Qibla [direction of prayer] and many respected religious centers which exist in that country have been threatened with destruction sacrilege and decline. The fourth characteristic is that the most sensitive spot of the world of Islam, this fake government and society has played the role of a military security and political base for the arrogant states.’…..

Christine Douglass-Williams
Christine Douglass-Williams is a nine-time international award-winning broadcast journalist and author of the book The Challenge of Modernizing IslamShe is a former Director with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, appointed by the Harper Conservative government, but terminated by the Trudeau government for her writings against political Islam on Jihad Watch. She was also an advisor to the Conservative Government’s Office of Religious Freedom, shut down by the Trudeau Liberal government.
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