Monday, February 18, 2019

The Archive of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency: "Still Blood Libel in Poland: Taught to School Children As Fact" (1931)

Still Blood Libel in Poland: Taught to School Children As Fact

September 12, 1931
The ritual murder lie is being taught in Polish schools, the “Lubliner Tagblatt” reports to-day, stating that at the finishing school at Kusmenek, a suburb of Lublin, the local priest, who takes the religion lessons, has been telling his pupils that the Jews use Christian blood for ritual purposes. A Jewish boy who happened to be in the class challenged him, asking what authority he had for his statement. There is the Beilis affair, the priest replied. Thereupon the boy pointed out that Beilis had been found innocent and acquitted, showing that there is no truth in the accusation. But the priest countered by contending that it was not important whether Beilis had been acquitted. The point was that the fact that Jews use Christian blood was sufficiently accepted for Beilis to be put on trial in a court of law, he said.
The “Tagblatt” demands that the educational authorities should take action to prevent such poisoning of the minds of the children attending the Polish Government schools.