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Yeni Safak: Turkey to inaugurate largest mosque in Djibouti in February

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Turkey to inaugurate largest mosque in Djibouti in February

Resting on the Indian Ocean, 'Turkey’s gift to people of Djibouti' has capacity of 5,000 people to pray at once.

December 07, 2018   Anadolu Agency

"Turkey’s gift to Djibouti", East Africa’s largest mosque being built in the capital city, is set to be inaugurated in two months’ time.
Turkey Diyanet Foundation (TDV) launched the construction of the mosque in 2017, which will be completed soon and inaugurated in February 2019.
Modeled in the style of classic Ottoman architecture, the mosque majestically stands at a suitable area of 10,000 square meters overlooking the Indian Ocean shores near the Djiboutian presidential palace.
The mosque has enough room for 5,000 people to pray at once, project manager of the construction, Furkan Kazim Yuksel, told Anadolu Agency.
- Winning hearts
Turkish Ambassador to Djibouti Sadi Altinok told Anadolu Agency that Turkey’s interventions in Djibouti -- a small country of less than 1 million people -- are not focused on the military, but on the development and humanitarian support.
In addition to the mosque, Altinok said, Turkey has carried out several socio-economic projects aimed at the benefit of the people.
A pediatric hospital is in the pipeline and a water dam has been completed by 50 percent, he said, listing the several projects Turkey has launched in the tiny, yet strategically important country.