Sunday, December 23, 2018

PA TV Friday Sermon: The Jews Have Not Changed throughout History; They Bare Their Fangs, Sow Corruption. The Jews Killed the Prophets; Allah Turned Them into Apes and Pigs. The Vile and Filthy Traits Run in the Genes of the Jews, Passed Down from One Generation to the Next. On Judgment Day, the Rocks and the Trees Will Help the Muslims Kill the Jews

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Antisemitic Friday Sermon On Palestinian Authority TV: Allah Turned Jews Into Apes And Pigs; Vile Traits Run In Their Genes; Humanity Cannot Coexist With Them; U.S., Europe 'Vomited Them Out'; Rocks And Trees Will Say: 'There Is A Jew Behind Me, Come And Kill Him'

On December 14, 2018, Palestine TV (Palestinian Authority) aired a sermon delivered by Sheikh Osama Al-Tibi at the Taqwa Mosque in Al-Tira, near Ramallah. Sheikh Al-Tibi said that the Jews have not changed throughout history despite Muslim attempts at peace. He said that he does not claim to be able to mention all of the Jews' despicable traits, and that they are accursed, tyrannical, cowardly, and humiliated violators of agreements who spread discord and corruption, conspire against humanity, bare their fangs at every opportunity, and with whom humanity can never coexist. He said that Allah turned them into apes and pigs, and that their vile and filthy genes are passed down from one generation of Jews to the next. He explained that this is the reason that Europe, America, and other countries "vomited the Jews out" and threw them to the Arabs and Muslims. Sheikh Al-Tibi added that the conflict between the Jews and Muslims will continue until Judgment Day, when the Jews will hide behind the rocks and the trees, which will call to the Muslims to kill the Jews.


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