Thursday, November 22, 2018

Hivisasa: KTN anchor weds Muslim fiance, causes stir

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KTN anchor weds Muslim fiance, causes stir

Marriage across diverse religions has been put into trial following Friday's wedding between KTN's Political Editor Ben Kitili and his longtime fiance Amina Mude.

The couple, who are already blessed with a 3-year-old daughter walked in the aisle at AG chambers in a low key wedding before throwing a lavish ceremony at Panari Hotel.

But the marriage between Kitili, a Christian from Ukambani and Ms Mude, a Somali, has attracted condemning and support from the two religions.
"The muslim population have every right to be concerned about islamic issues happening in our country and as such we have every right to condemn any act that violates our islamic sharia.the sharia totally prohibits a muslim woman to marry a christian man," wrote Abkadir Mohammed in Mandera Tribune.


Mr Kitili first proposed to Amina in 2015 in a move that equally rattled Muslims across the country since Islamic teachings forbids such marriages.


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