Friday, November 23, 2018

Fred Alan Medforth: "Germany: Muslim ordered his daughter to lick a toilet clean", November 21, 2018

Germany: Muslim ordered his daughter to lick a toilet clean

Such clear words of a judge are rare: "Shame on you!" And: "That's despicable." The Munich district judge Robert Grain (52 y/o) gave a telling-off to an accused Syrian family on Tuesday!At the end of December 2017, merchant Said Mohamed A. (66 y/o) learned that his daughter (then 16 years old) had an Afghan boyfriend. He went crazy and is said to have imprisoned the girl for three days - without food or drink.According to the prosecution, he kicked her barefoot in the face and threatened a forced marriage in Syria.Her brother Mohamed (23 y/o) and mother Rana K. (50 y/o) are said to have held the girl captive. Only when the father wanted to force his daughter to lick the toilet clean did the mother intervene.Two weeks after the abuse, the student managed to confide in a teacher and was placed in the care of the Youth Welfare Office. But she was kidnapped by the family before school and released by the police a day later.Father, mother and brother were now in the dock for mistreatment of those under protection, dangerous assault and deprivation of liberty.