Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Khaama Press News Agency: Mullah Sherin hatched assassination of Gen. Raziq, claims ex-NDS Chief

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Mullah Sherin hatched assassination of Gen. Raziq, claims ex-NDS Chief

By KHAAMA PRESS - Tue Oct 23 2018
The former Afghan Intelligence, National Directorate of Security (NDS) Chief Rahmatullah Nabil claims that a key member of Taliban’s Quetta Council Mullah Sherin had hatched and executed the assassination plan of Kandahar Police Chief Gen. Abdul Raziq.
In a statement posted online, Nabil said the attacker was trained in Al Hamza training center where suicide bombers are being trained under the supervision of Taj Mir who is also famous as Mawlavi Zabiullah.
Nabil further added that Taj Mir has close links with the Haqqani terrorist network and the military intelligence of Pakistan.
However, he said Mullah Sherin hatched the assassination plan in close coordination with ISI and cooperation of one of the security guards of Kandahar governor who had helped in the appointment of the attacker as the security guard of the governor.
According to Nabil, the governor’s guard who helped in the execution of the plan has managed to flee the Kandahar city.
Nabil also added that Mullah Sherin has close links with the Haqqani network’s Sirajuddin Haqqani, currently operates as Taliban’s intelligence chief and is based in Quetta city.
The provincial intelligence chief of the province Gen. Abdul Momin was also killed in the attack while the provincial governor Zalmay Weesa sustained injuries.
The attack was carried out by one of the security guards of Kandahar governor Zalmay Weesa.

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