Friday, October 12, 2018

Pamela Geller: "WAR CRIMES INDICTMENT: Bosnian Muslim commander and 16 jihadis accused of killing of 300 Serbs"

WAR CRIMES INDICTMENT: Bosnian Muslim commander and 16 jihadis accused of killing of 300 Serbs

Where is the worldwide condemnation? The calls for designating this a genocide? Clearly this is as much a “genocide” as. Srebrenica. But don’t hold your breath. It doesn’t advance the spread of Islam. On the contrary, it provides further proof of the jihad war in the Balkans. And President Clinton got sucked into paving the way for militant Islam in Bosnia by intervening on behalf of Muslims in Bosnia.

Bosnian Muslim wartime commander Atif Dudakovic and 16 members of his unit were charged on October 11 with carrying out atrocities against Serbs in western Bosnia during the 1992-95 war. Milorad Kojic, who heads a group investigating wartime crimes against Serbs, said they have submitted more than 8,000 pages of evidence against Mr Dudakovic and others.
Needless to say, there is no mainstream media coverage of this inconvenient horror.
It includes video footage that is allegedly incriminating, in a case which involves 256 victims between the ages of nine and 99, Mr Kojic said.
“The defendants are accused of the murder of more than 300 Serbs, most of them civilians, mainly elderly, as well as soldiers who had surrendered or were detained,” the prosecutors said.
They said that bodies of a number of the victims were found in several mass graves after the war. (Radio Free Europe)
More on the history of the Bosnian jihad here:
Muslim troops raped, disembowelled, beheaded and roasted alive their victims. Curiously, all of these atrocities were ignored by the Western media who had singled out the Serbs as being the aggressors from the very start of the war.
Proof of the diabolical crimes committed by Bosnian Muslims came from the commander of the UN peace keeping force General Philippe Morillon. He had personally seen the mutilated bodies of Serb civilians and in his testimony to the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, he stated Oric’s jihadists had carried out:
attacks during Orthodox holidays including Christmas Eve and destroyed villages, massacring all the inhabitants. This created a degree of hatred that was quite extraordinary in the region.


The Prosecution of Bosnia-Herzegovina has indicted commander of the 5th Corps of the Army of BiH Atif Dudakovic, and 16 more members of this wartime formation.
Source: Beta 
They have been accused of committing crimes against humanity in the municipalities of Bosanski Petrovac, Kljuc, Bosanska Krupa and Sanski Most, and of war crimes against civilians in Bihac and Cazin, the Prosecution announced.
The accused are charged with the murder of more than 300 Serbs, mostly elderly civilians, as well as Serb soldiers who had either surrendered or had been captured, and in that way ceased to be combatants.
The bodies of some of the victims were discovered and exhumed after the war from several individual and mass graves, while the others are still missing and searched for.
A part of the indictment against Dudakovic relates to the war crimes committed against Bosniak (Muslims) – members and supporters of the former Autonomous Province of Western Bosnia, during the conflict in Cazinska Krajia between the Army of BiH and the soldiers loyal to Fikret Abdic.
The prosecution also announced that it will prove its charges by calling 447 witnesses and six experts, and exhibiting more than 1,100 pieces of evidence.
The indictments have been forwarded to the Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina that must confirm them.

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