Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Catch News: Shocking! Delhi Imam's wife allegedly raped by brother-in-law; receives divorce notice from husband

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Delhi Imam's wife 

allegedly raped 

by brother-in-law; 

receives divorce notice 

from husband

SPEED NEWS DESK| Updated on: 29 October 2018

In a shameful act, the wife of Delhi Imam was given divorce after allegedly raped by her brother-in-law at a Uttar Pradesh's village. As per reports, the woman, wife of Delhi-based mosque's Imam was allegedly raped by the brother her husband, the police said.
The woman was brutally beaten up at her house on Sunday when she tried to oppose the accused, Mainuddin, a police officer said. She later received divorce notice from her husband.

The woman was beaten up at her house on Sunday when she tried to oppose the accused, Mainuddin, a police officer said. The victim's husband was not present at the time of the incident, he said, adding the woman has been sent for medical examination.
A first information report has been registered against the accused following a complaint by the victim's brother, the officer added.
The woman got a divorce notice from the Imam after the incident. The couple had married last year.
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