Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Religion of Peace, TROP: "The Game: Fear of Islam is a phobia since far more people are killed by something other than Islamic terrorism."

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Given Islam's violent history and the unfavorable contrast that its oppressive practices have against 21st century values, Muslim evangelists are hard-pressed to repackage their faith in the modern age.  Apologists have come to rely on tricks involving semantics and half-truths.  This propaganda is, in turn, repeated verbatim by other unsuspecting (yet sincere) Muslims as well as those outside the faith.

Here we try to expose some of these games and help truth-seekers find their way through the maze of disingenuous (often blatantly false) claims about Islam and its history. (TROP) is a pluralistic, non-partisan site concerned with Islam's political and religious teachings according to its own texts. The purpose is to counter whitewashing and explain the threat that Islam truly poses to human dignity and freedom, as well as the violence and dysfunction that ensues as a direct consequence of this religion's supremacist ideology.

The Game: Fear of Islam is a phobia since far more people are killed by something other than Islamic terrorism.

The Truth:

Comparing the number of people killed by terrorists to the number killed in accidents involving items that are otherwise benign - say, bathtubs or furniture - is a strategy to mitigate concern about Islam. The argument is that since we don't fear these "more deadly" objects, then it is irrational to fear "less deadly" Islamic terror. 

The critical assumption is that danger and risk are measured by number of people killed.  Let's test the soundness of this logic by applying it to bathtubs and alligators. 

In the United States, about 300 people are killed accidently each year in a bathtub, usually by hitting their head or drowning.  In the same period, on average, only about one person dies from an alligator attack.   According to the "it's a phobia" argument, alligators must be significantly less dangerous than bathtubs.  

Of course, no one seriously believes that bathing in an alligator pond is safer than using a bathtub.  When they actually do think about it, no one seriously believes that a bathtub is more dangerous than a terrorist either, even though terrorists kill fewer people (in the West, at least).  This is because the number of casualties does not necessarily correspond to the severity of a threat - nor what our response should be. 

Untold billions of dollars and the lives of thousands of security personnel are spent each year to protect the world from Islamic terrorists.  This means the number of terror victims is not an apples-to-apples comparison to bathtubs and lightning strikes.  Most people know that much of the planet would be killed off if these religious extremists were free to pursue their stated ambitions.

Even the people who peddle the numbers game do not seriously think that a terrorist in the home would be safer than a bathtub or refrigerator, which proves that their simplistic point is meaningless. 

Moreover, how much stock do these 'intellectuals' put in the numbers game when they claim that "Islamophobia" is a great problem than Islamic terror?  To our knowledge, only one Muslim in America lost their life to anti-Muslim bigotry in the fifteen years following 9/11, while there were close to 100 Islamic terror plots and 150 kills.  In Western Europe, there were more than 200 Islamist attacks and over 1100 killed against perhaps a dozen deadly hate crimes targeted toward Muslims.*