Monday, September 24, 2018

Christine Douglass-Williams, Jihad Watch: "Chechens say they fear their own sons after jihad attack by 11-year-old"

Chechens say they fear their own sons after jihad attack by 11-year-old

Child jihadists are multiplying, to the professed horror of parents in Chechnya.
“We promise fear and death in the hearts of unbelievers. Victory or jihad!” the boys vow, as the youngest brandishes a knife and an iPhone displaying Isil’s black flag.
The children are being taught in accordance with a doctrine that has been proliferating worldwide; the jihad ideology is being aggressively spread all across Europe and in fact, in every Western nation, but it is being defended by those who still argue that they are “protecting” Muslims from “Islamophobia” and “racism.”
Children have become a key target for recruitment by terrorist groups who are increasingly turning to social media to showcase their successful efforts in indoctrinating them for jihad.
“Chechens fear threat from their sons after attack by 11-year-old who pledged allegiance to Isil,” by Alec Luhn, Telegraph, September 23, 2018:
The video seemed like a nightmarish parody of the Islamic State: filmed on a smartphone, five boys, one only 11, pledge allegiance to the terror group.
“We promise fear and death in the hearts of unbelievers. Victory or jihad!” the boys vow, as the youngest brandishes a knife and an iPhone displaying Isil’s black flag.
But soon after it was filmed last month, the boys in it would be killed in an assault on police in Russia’s Chechnya republic, where a string of attacks involving teenagers has left the authorities struggling to battle “child terrorism”.
The August 20 incident involving four underage cousins and their 18-year-old neighbour was the youngest attack yet.
A relative of the family, who spoke anonymously for fear of repression, told the Sunday Telegraph the boys had come under the influence of the neighbour and been “zombified” by the Islamic State.
“What can you say to a mother whose sons were killed at same time, who knows that neither one will come back? It’s better to have daughters than sons,” the relative said. “Isil have gotten to the children now.”
Elakh Akhmatkhanov, 17, and his 11-year-old brother Magomed-Emin ran over a police officer when their car bomb failed and were killed after a high-speed chase. Magomed Akhtayev, 17, blew himself up outside a police post, and Shamsuddin Akhtayev, 16, and Magomed Musayev, 18, were killed trying to stab their way into a police station with a bomb.
Only three months prior to the August attack, four 18-and 19-year-olds yelling “Allahu akbar” shot a worshipper and two police officers dead before being killed trying to storm a church in the Chechen capital Grozny…..

Christine Douglass-Williams
Christine Douglass-Williams is a nine-time international award-winning broadcast journalist and author of the book The Challenge of Modernizing IslamShe is a former Director with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, appointed by the Harper Conservative government, but terminated by the Trudeau government for her writings against political Islam on Jihad Watch. She was also an advisor to the Conservative Government’s Office of Religious Freedom, shut down by the Trudeau Liberal government.
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