Sunday, September 16, 2018

Amil Imani, Jihad Watch: The Success of Islam

The Success of Islam

The religious aspect of Islam played a minuscule role in the propagation of Islam, as evidenced by the fact that Muhammad’s preaching in Mecca for thirteen years converted only 150 followers. Keep in mind that this is the period when Mohammad was meek, powerless and a “crazed poet.” Nearly all his Mecca Quran dealt with mystical and religious type issues, with Allah’s hell and paradise.
It was during following nine years in Medina, where a religious-mystical preacher was replaced by a violent and combative activist, when tens of thousands flocked to his faith. The Arabs of the time lived with chronic violence, one tribe against another. Warring among themselves was a major way of gaining wealth and making a living. Hence Muhammad’s success against the Jews of Medina began to attract others in droves to the booty of wealth, women and children.
The success of Islam from the early days depended on war and violence. During thirteen years in Mecca, Islam expanded by about twelve followers a year. But the Islam of Medina, based on war and violence and the enticement of booty, expanded the rank of the creed exponentially. It is estimated that Islam’s numbers swelled to nearly 100,000 by the time of Muhammad’s death.
Clearly, Islam surged at the point of the sword, with the dictum of polarization. Muslims were considered righteous irrespective of their deeds, while the kefirs (infidels) were stigmatized as enemies of Allah and subject to maltreatment and death.
The Chameleon Islam
For a belief system with such lofty claims as the perfect prescription for eternal life authored by the creator of universe, Islam is anything but logical and consistent. It is more like slight of hand. Now you see it, now you don’t. Situational ethics, contradictions, and outright errors are rampant in Islam’s scripture.
For example, Quran 2:219 admonishes the faithful to be forgiving and tolerant of Jews and Christians. Yet Quran 9:29 directs Muslims to attack them until they are humbled and made to pay the jizyeh, the dhimmi tax. And Muslims to this day do exactly that. They act tolerant toward the People of the Book until they gather enough power. Then they proceed full force to subdue, humble and make them pay backbreaking Islamic taxes and submit to Sharia.
It is instructive to note that much of the Meccan Quran, the mystical poetic and more gentle Quran, characterized by tolerance and acceptance of others, is overturned by the intolerant and combative Quran of later Medina. Powerlessness was accompanied by meekness, while power unleashed savagery and violence.
Another telling point about this Islamic expediency and hypocrisy is clearly seen in the two parts of the Quran. The gentle Quran of Mecca is very Jewish. It is full of accounts about Jewish figures such as Noah, Adam and Moses. By contrast, the brutal Quran of Medina is full of negative assertions, and is anti-Jewish.
The Muslim political entity faced enemies, and it treated them pretty much as other political entities of the time treated their enemies, with diplomacy when possible, with armies when it was not. It also found itself in a position where both the Romans and the Persians were exhausted and bankrupt after centuries of war. It moved into the vacuum, the religious community moved with it.
Once in Medina, Muhammad hit on a most powerful formula for success. He justified everything by claiming that Allah wanted it this way. And Allah was nothing to trifle with. He held the key to the most magnificent paradise as well as to a dreadful hell. The duty of every good Muslim became unquestioning obedience to everything that Muhammad said and wished. Muhammad became Allah’s gatekeeper to paradise and hell.
Muhammad’s formula worked magic with the Bedouins of Arabia, who thrived on robbery and killing. His religion spread in no time at all.
As Muhammad gathered more and more followers, he turned on the Jewish community of Medina, killed the men, plundered their belongings, and captured their women and children as slaves. That was the birth of “Jihad.” Be meek and deceptive first, until you gather enough power then unsheathe the sword. It worked then and it is working today.
In no time, the savages of Arabia were lured by the win-win promise of Muhammad: you kill, you get the booty from your victims in this world, and if you get killed, your abode will be the unimaginably glorious sensuous paradise of Allah. Sword in hand, they sallied forth to lands near and far.
After the death of the prophet, the Arab world followed by an elective process to nominate his successor, starting with Abu Bakr. This group is known as ahl alsunnah wa-l-jama’ah, “the people of custom and community,” or Sunnis. The imamate or “leadership,” in non-elective manner, would become what we know today as Shi’ism. Shiites say that succession must remain within the family of the Prophet, a bloodline with Ali the first valid caliph. It should also be noted that this division occurred after the assassination of Imam Ali in Kufa by a Persian hero, who Arabs call Ibn Muljim and Persians call Bahman Jazooyeh.
This was a brief account of earlier success of Islam.

Before it’s too late for Western Europe and the United States, which gave birth to the traditions of freedom and equality of rights for all that shine today as lights in the entire world, this must be stopped. Therefore Jihad Watch seeks to bring public attention to:
  • The plight of the dhimmis, an immense but almost completely ignored ongoing scandal that continues in Muslim countries today;
  • The plight of women under Sharia provisions, similar to conditions imposed on dhimmis, in the denial of equal rights and dignity;
  • Slavery in Islamic lands, which continues today, justified by Sharia-‘s dhimmi codes;
  • The integral role of jihad and dhimmitude ideology in global terrorism today;
  • The license that academic and journalistic whitewashes of dhimmitude gives to radical jihadist enemies of human rights for all.
Jihad Watch fights to ensure that deeds done in the darkness for so long will not continue to be done. The light of world attention is anathema to the proponents of jihad and dhimmitude: we have seen in recent years that women sentenced to stoning for adultery, often victims of rape unjustly accused thanks to Sharia laws disallowing rape victims’ testimony, were freed following international outcry. Jihad Watch seeks to provoke similar, continuous and increasing outcry wherever and whenever the Sharia’s institutionalized injustices threaten dhimmis and women.
May the truth prevail.

My mission is to raise the clarion call about the imminent and present danger of expansionistic theocratic Islam. Having witnessed first-hand the horrors and indignity that Islamofascism visits on people it subjugates, I have taken it upon myself to do my part in defeating this ideology of oppression, hate and violence.

-Amil Imani