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Israel Defence Forces: It’s not the fence that separates between the mob of 20,000 armed and violent Gazans and the Israeli families living less than a mile away, it is us. We are the last line of defense between Israeli civilians and terrorists like this

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Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch: "Philippines: Muslims murder one person and injure 15 with bomb in cafe in mostly Christian city"

Philippines: Muslims murder one person and injure 15 with bomb in cafe in mostly Christian city

Will the Islamophobia never end?
“Bomb kills one and injures 15 in cafe in southern Philippines,” Reuters, September 2, 2018:
MANILA – A bomb blast killed one person and injured 15 in an internet cafe in the southern Philippines on Sunday, in the second such attack in days blamed by the military on pro-Islamic State militants.
Isulan, a mostly Christian city on southern Mindanao island, was placed on lockdown to hunt down those behind the attack, Brigadier General Cirilito Sobejana, an army division commander, told reporters.
No group claimed responsibility.
“Most likely it’s still the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF),” the commander said.
“There is no other group who would dare to carry out the bombing and there is no other group with an interest to bomb without any reason.”…

ROBERT SPENCER is the director of Jihad Watch and a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. He is the author of eighteen books, including the New York Times bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) (Regnery Publishing) and The Truth About Muhammad (Regnery Publishing). His latest book is The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS (Bombardier Books).
Spencer has led seminars on Islam and jihad for the FBI, the United States Central Command, United States Army Command and General Staff College, the U.S. Army’s Asymmetric Warfare Group, the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), the Justice Department’s Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council and the U.S. intelligence community. He has discussed jihad, Islam, and terrorism at a workshop sponsored by the U.S. State Department and the German Foreign Ministry. He is a consultant with the Center for Security Policy.
Spencer is a weekly columnist for PJ Media and FrontPage Magazine, and has written many hundreds of articles about jihad and Islamic terrorism. His articles on Islam and other topics have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Examiner, the New York Post, the Washington Times, the Dallas Morning NewsFox News OpinionNational ReviewThe FederalistThe Hill, the Detroit NewsTownHall.comReal Clear Religion, the Daily Caller, the New Criterion, the Journal of International Security Affairs, the UK’s Guardian, Canada’s National PostMiddle East QuarterlyWorldNet DailyFirst ThingsInsight in the NewsAleteia, and many other journals. For nearly ten years Spencer wrote the weekly Jihad Watch column at Human Events. He has also served as a contributing writer to the Investigative Project on Terrorism and as an Adjunct Fellow with the Free Congress Foundation.

The Religion of Peace, TROP: "Jihad Report: Sep 22, 2018 - Sep 28, 2018"

Jihad Report 
Sep 22, 2018 -
Sep 28, 2018

Suicide Blasts0

... (TROP) is a pluralistic, non-partisan site concerned with Islam's political and religious teachings according to its own texts. The purpose is to counter whitewashing and explain the threat that Islam truly poses to human dignity and freedom, as well as the violence and dysfunction that ensues as a direct consequence of this religion's supremacist ideology. 


About the List of Attacks

This list of terrorist attacks committed by Muslims since 9/11/01 (a rate of about five a day) is incomplete because not all such attacks are picked up by international news sources, even those resulting in multiple loss of life.  

These are not incidents of ordinary crime involving nominal Muslims killing for money or vendetta.  We only include incidents of deadly violence that are reasonably determined to have been committed out of religious duty - as interpreted by the perpetrator.  Islam needs to be a motive, but it need not be the only factor.

For example, the Munich mall shooting in July, 2016 was by a Muslim, but it is not on the list, because it was not inspired by a sense of religious duty.   

We usually list only attacks resulting in loss of life (with a handful of exceptions).  In several cases, the deaths are undercounted because deaths from trauma caused by the Islamists may occur in later days, despite the best efforts of medical personnel to keep the victims alive.

In 2014, the BBC did a thorough analysis of Islamic terror attacks occurring during the month of November.  They found 664 attacks and 5,042 deaths.  Our list has only 284 attacks and 2,515 deaths for that month, meaning that we under-counted the true extent of Islamic terror by a significant margin.  

We usually don't include incidents related to combat, such as in Iraq and Afghanistan, unless it involves particularly heinous terror tactics, such as suicide bombings or attacks on troops while they are sleeping in their barracks or providing medical care to the local population.  (The BBC study apparently did not differentiate).

We acknowledge that a handful of incidents on our list may not fit the traditional definition of 'terror attack.'  A small portion, for example, are of honor killings - although we usually omit those in which the woman is killed by her husband, since this is often indistinguishable from a crime of passion (barring explicit circumstances).  Our stance on honor killings is that the stabbing, shooting or strangling of a woman over "unIslamic" behavior constitutes Islamic terror.

Our counter reflects most of the deadly attacks on our list.  This figure may be a bit more than the number of line items, since multiple incidents are sometimes grouped into the same record.

Honor killings and attacks that result in no loss of life are not included in the counter even if they appear on the list.

Unfortunately, this list of Muslim terrorist attacks barely scratches the surface of atrocities committed in the name of Islam occurring world-wide each day.  For that reason, we don't tally up the dead and dismembered, except on a weekly and monthly basis.

Some armchair critics try to minimize the problem by contrasting the number of casualties to other statistics.  This is an unfair comparison since it does not account for the staggering amount of global resources devoted to containing Islamic terror - including the lives of security personnel.  That so many civilians are killed despite this underscores both the threat and its uniqueness, since other religions do not merit this attention.

The incidents are collected each day from public news sources.  There is no rumor or word-of-mouth involved.  Although every attempt is made to be accurate and consistent, we are not making the claim that this is a scientific product.

Unlike the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which publishes a tally of alleged "hate crimes" each year without supporting data, we do provide detail of each incident that we claim as a terror attack and make it available for verification.

The point of this list is not to convince anyone that they are in mortal danger or that Muslims are innately dangerous people (they are not, of course).  Rather it is to point out that Islam is different.  No other religion inspires the sort of terrorism that the "Religion of Peace" produces.  It should be acceptable to question and critique the teachings, particularly those that are supremacist in nature.

We also hope that this list offers moral perspective against so-called "Islamophobia" and other complaints from Muslim identity groups that are petty by comparison.  Who knows - perhaps one day these groups will decide to take the sort of action expected of those who truly believe that it is wrong to kill in the name of their religion.  

Candace Owens: #metoo is a Democrat slush fund.

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Rektor Hamid: Det är också en extrem handling att länka till Anwar Al Awlaki. Chefsideologen som inspirerat extremister från hela världen till ett globalt krig, inklusive Al Qaida och IS.



Tjock rektor i orten. Så tjock att GP rankar mig som en av Gbgs 100 mäktigaste. Gillar också tjock-TV. Konsekvent antirasist.

Göteborg, Sverige



Fristående kolumnist på Expressen ledare. Stiftelsen Doku 0763-090737 🇸🇪🇲🇦


Sofie Löwenmark: Haverist på väg mot botten.



Fristående kolumnist på Expressen ledare. Stiftelsen Doku 0763-090737 🇸🇪🇲🇦

Arsen Ostrovsky: Really @margotwallstrom, really?

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Project Veritas: Undercover Video Exposes Washington Post’s Hidden Agenda #AmericanPravda

In newly released undercover video, Washington Post National Security Correspondent Dan Lamothe and Director of Product Joey Marburger speak to the paper’s hidden agenda. Evidently, covering Trump the way they do is good business, even though it’s fake news.

Bedårande Barn- Fädernesland - Officiell Video (2015)

Inspelad på Slottslängorna i Sölvesborg den 29 aug 2015.

-Bedårande Barn

Faw Azzat: Många får inte ha killkompisar, får inte vara med på sexualundervisningen. Jag fick tex inte använda tampong pga ”då blir man av med oskulden”. Om mina skattepengar hade gått till det istället för någon jävla menscertifiering...



Hedersfrågan ligger mig varmt om hjärtat då jag själv varit ett offer. Följer ingen röd tråd. Liberalkonservativ.

The Religion of Peace, TROP: "Myths of Muhammad: Muhammad Took Many Wives as a Favor to Them"

The Myth:

Muhammad Took Many
 Wives as a Favor to Them

"Our Prophet (peace be upon him) took in many wives to look after them and see that they were taken care of." 

The Truth:

Some Muslims who are more familiar with the Quran than the Hadith erroneously believe that Muhammad had only four wives (the Quran limits a man to four - verse 4:3).  However, given that nine of Muhammad’s wives outlived him, it is obvious that he must have given himself special treatment somewhere along the way.

Naturally, this special treatment is found in the Quran (33:50-51) where “Allah” lists all of the categories of women who are made available to Muhammad.  It is unclear why this personal directive should be a part of Allah’s universal and unchanging word to all of mankind. 

There are two things to note in the verse.  First, the context is that Allah permits Muhammad to have this many women as a special favor to him.  Other men are not allowed to have as many wives, no matter how much they wish (although they are permitted to have an unlimited number of sex slaves). 

Second, the needs of the women are not mentioned as a factor for marriage.  Indeed, Muhammad married most of his wives based on their attractiveness to him.  This was obviously the case with Zainab, who was married to his adopted son at the time he coveted her (another curiously personal directive from Allah allowed him her pleasure - Sura 33:37). 

The women captured during battle and "married" by Muhammad were also beautiful and were coveted by other Muslim men.  A good example is Safiyya of Khaybar.  Not only did Muhammad personally have her husband killed (Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 764), but he had already given her as booty to another Muslim before he decided that he wanted her for himself (Bukhari 14:68).

There is also proof in the Quran that Muhammad planned to abandon one of his wives after she became unattractive to him.  Sawda bint Zam'a is described in the Hadith as being a heavy, older woman who feared divorce from Muhammad.  According to the Tafsir, she saved her place in the household by ceding her time with Muhammad to his favorite wife Aisha:
(And if a woman fears cruelty or desert ion on her husband's part , there is no sin on them both) Ibn ` Abbas said, "Whatever (legal agreement ) the spouses mutually agree to is allowed. ''. At - Tirmidhi recorded it and said, "Hasan Gharib''. In the Two Sahihs, it is recorded that ` A'ishah said that when Sawdah bint Zam` ah became old, she forfeited her day to ` A'ishah, and the Prophet used to spend Sawdah's night with ` A'ishah. There is a similar narrat ion also collected by Al-Bukhari. Al-Bukhari also recorded that ` A'ishah commented;  (Ibn Kathir Tafsir, 4:128)
After Sawda gave up her "day" to give Muhammad twice as much time with his child bride, Allah stepped in with amazing timing to reveal verse 4:128.

Myths of Muhammad

Muslims often complain of "misconceptions" about their religion, yet few seem to know all that much about the true history of Islam and its founder, Muhammad.  As a result, the biggest misconceptions about Islam are often those propagated by Muslims themselves.

Here, we refute the contemporary mythology of Muhammad by referring to the earliest and most reliable Muslim historians, who based their writings on those who actually knew their revered prophet. 

The historical compilations of Ibn Ishaq (compiled by Ibn Hisham), al-Tabari, Bukhari and Sahih Muslim are greatly respected in the Muslim academic community as a priceless source of biographical information and the details of Islam's origin and rise to power.  These writings also provide the context for the Quran. 

The Hadith (traditions), Sira (biography of Muhammad) and the Quran provide the true Islamic counterpart to the Christian Bible and Jewish Torah.  The Quran is simply the purported words of Allah arranged in no particular order.  It makes little sense outside of the context provided by the other two sources.

Articles posted here will occasionally be revised, and new ones will be added.  Readers not familiar with the life of Muhammad may want to approach these myths through our brief article on the history of his life: The Life of Muhammad: An Inconvenient Truth.  It has been updated to include most of the links found below, and it will help place these debunked myths into historical context - as it was written from the Muslim point of view.

... (TROP) is a pluralistic, non-partisan site concerned with Islam's political and religious teachings according to its own texts. The purpose is to counter whitewashing and explain the threat that Islam truly poses to human dignity and freedom, as well as the violence and dysfunction that ensues as a direct consequence of this religion's supremacist ideology. 


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Dr. Bill Warner: Most inventors/scientists from history w/ Arabic names were conquered infidels. Think about it: How can a doctrine that does not encourage critical thought or believe in laws of nature have been a major contributor to the sciences?

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Glazov Moment: Why Jihad Targets Children and the Innocent.

Glazov Moment: Why Jihad Targets Children and the Innocent. -----------------------------------------------------------------
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Jihadist Psychopath

There is a war being waged on America and the West. The aggressors? Islamic Supremacists. Their method? Duplicating the sinister methodology of psychopaths who routinely charm, seduce, capture, and devour their prey.

Every element of the formula by which the psychopath subjugates his victim, the Islamic Supremacist likewise uses to ensnare and subjugate non-Muslims. And in the same way that the victim of the psychopath is complicit in his own destruction, Western civilization is now embracing and enabling its own conquest and consumption.

"Hard as it is to believe, many in the West simply will not take the time and trouble to understand the threat posed by radical Islamicist terrorism. James Burnham once wrote of a similar problem with international Communism in his masterful Suicide of the West. Now, Jamie Glazov has written this century's counterpart to Burnham's classic work and will doubtless upset those determined not to analyze for themselves the nature of the underlying phenomenon." (John Bolton, President Trump's National Security Adviser)

"I have long argued that the usual likening of evil to darkness may not be nearly as accurate as likening it to bright light. The reason? People can look into the dark, but they cannot look into very bright light. The natural instinct is to look away. The denial of evil is therefore the most dangerous of all the denials in which human beings engage. We saw it during Communism, the most genocidal ideology in history, and we are seeing it today with violent Muslims. What Jamie Glazov does is explain this phenomenon, thereby making Jihadist Psychopath one of the most important books of the present time." (Dennis Prager, nationally syndicated radio talk show host and NY Times bestselling author)

"Jamie Glazov's Jihadist Psychopath is one of those truly rare books that is so brilliant and deeply original in its holistic analysis of the emergence of the modern jihadist that it will emerge as one of those books that will change your life forever. This work is steeped in the richness of history, psychology, military conflict, and religion - and exposes the pathological Stockholm Syndrome that the West has developed in the hands of our enemy. Jihadist Psychopath is destined for permanent greatness for all classes and sectors of society, from the masses of readers of all books to the highest levels of academia to law enforcement to your own family. It will captivate and mesmerize any reader. Failure to read it is not an option."  (Steven Emerson, Executive Director of The Investigative Project on Terrorism and author of "American Jihad: The Terrorists Living Among Us")

"Dr. Jamie Glazov is one of the most courageous and perceptive journalists of the free world. In this book, he explains why so many of our leaders in academia, media and politics behave like ostriches when confronted with the dangerous threat of Islamic Jihadism. His book not only analyzes Islam and how it inspires jihadist psychopaths, but it also describes the equally pathological unwillingness of our elites to deal with the danger. Dr. Glazov deserves the highest praise. He not only helps us to see the threat more clearly, but he also encourages all the defenders of freedom and dignity to persevere against the biggest threat humanity is facing today. I hope Jihadist Psychopath finds as many readers as possible." (Geert Wilders, MP, leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV) in the Netherlands)

"The peculiar dynamic of our times, of Islamic jihadis killing people, followed by Western authorities defending Islam and increasing measures to grant more concessions to Muslim groups, cannot be fully explained by any counter-terror strategy or geopolitical consideration. In this enlightening and groundbreaking book, Jamie Glazov reaches into the realms of psychopathology to clarify this odd phenomenon and succeeds in shedding light on it where numerous conventional thinkers have failed. This thought-provoking book should be on the desk or nightstand of everyone who wants to change the prevailing dynamic and counter the global jihad effectively." (Robert Spencer, bestselling author of "The Complete Infidel's Guide to the Koran" and "Confessions of an Islamophobe")

"A fascinating and eye-opening political thriller. Glazov's ferocious takedown of the Jihadist Psychopath and his leftist minions reveals, in frightening detail, the menacing monstrosity we are up against. This book is an indispensable masterpiece of the utmost importance in our perilous times." (Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney, USAF (Ret.))

"This is an unusual and invaluable book. It explains why so many in the Western world have been seduced into embracing, or at a minimum fully tolerating, radical Islam. You may have wondered if such people are ignorant of the real content of radical Islam. Jamie Glazov says no, they are not at all ignorant. They have been entranced just as the victims of murderous psychopaths are led to believe that their would-be dominator is actually their best friend. Thus, we are faced with a willful suicide by radical Muslims' intended victims, who are destroyed even as they believe the radicals are the real victims." (Michael Ledeen, co-author of "Field of Fight: How to Win the War Against Radical Islam")

"Most people are terrified of the elephant in the room, but Jamie Glazov courageously charges in after the beast. With his latest book, the author of United in Hate once again explores and explains the psychology and philosophy behind the current events of our struggle with Islamic terror. Jihadist Psychopath is an invaluable lens for understanding not only the enemy, but his appeasers on our own side." (Daniel Greenfield, Shillman Journalism Fellow, author of "The Great Betrayal")

"A crushing blow to a deadly psychopathic mass cult. In Jihadist Psychopath, Jamie Glazov packs a masterful right hook to a modern embodiment of the Black Death. This absolute must-read is the result of solid politological research and highly professional journalism. Its most important and unprecedented contribution: exposing the deep and chilling link between Islam, leftist ideology and crowd psychopathology, all in one vial. A tour de force." (Igor Mel'cuk, Scientist, ex-Soviet ex-dissident, Professor Emeritus of Linguistics at the University of Montreal and Member of the Royal Society of Canada)

"In Jihadist Psychopath, Jamie Glazov unveils a very real and menacing psychological phenomenon, a task to which he brings deep wisdom and broad learning. While drawing extensively on other writers' insights into such topics as white guilt, self-delusion, transference, Stockholm Syndrome, con artists and their dupes, and (especially) the psychopathic mind, he has produced a remarkably original work - a book that makes an illuminating and highly valuable contribution to the contemporary literature of Islam and the West." (Bruce Bawer, author of "While Europe Slept" and "Surrender")

I am a son of Russian dissidents who fought the Evil Empire. Today I continue their battle by fighting for the protection of our freedoms in the West and for the defense of all peoples persecuted by totalitarianism throughout the world. I am able to engage in this fight in my role as editor of David Horowitz’s and as host of the web tv show, The Glazov Gang.


Jamie Glazov holds a Ph.D. in History with a specialty in Russian, U.S. and Canadian foreign policy. He is the editor of Frontpage Magazine, the author of the critically acclaimed and best-selling, United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror, and the host of the web TV show The Glazov Gang. His new book is Jihadist Psychopath: How He Is Charming, Seducing, and Devouring Us. Follow him on Twitter: @JamieGlazov, and contact him at