Thursday, August 02, 2018

Top U.S. General Warns China Pulling Ahead on Artificial Intelligence Research - Breitbart News Network

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Top U.S. General Warns China Pulling Ahead on Artificial Intelligence Research

U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. VeraLinn “Dash” Jamieson – deputy chief of staff for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance for the Air Staff at the Pentagon – warned last week that China is pulling ahead of the United States in artificial intelligence research.
Perhaps more ominously, she said China has more concrete plans than any other adversary for actually using A.I. to control its population, enhance its military power, and conduct espionage against other nations.
Lt. General Jamieson told an Air Force Association breakfast last Thursday that China spent an estimated $12 billion on artificial intelligence alone in 2017, while the U.S. spent $7.4 billion on all emerging technologies combined.
Among the projects China has funded are city-spanning A.I. surveillance networks capable of monitoring every citizen’s movements with cameras and facial recognition software. The Chinese are also working on using A.I. to process battlefield intelligence faster than human commanders can, which opens the door to what military technology experts call hyperwar: human soldiers and smart weapons coordinated by artificial intelligence attacking and reacting faster than any fighting force in human history, with the attendant danger of conflicts spiraling out of control as human decision-makers prove unable to keep up.
China has claimed it already has rudimentary hyperwar assets, such as bombers that can be flown by A.I.
Lt. Gen. Jamieson’s remarks focused on the importance of developing human and machine systems that can process intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance data (ISR) at high speeds without pushing human decision-makers out of the loop.
Needless to say, Chinese and Russian research teams will have no qualms whatsoever about designing the most lethal autonomous weapons imaginable and linking them into artificially intelligent combat networks. China and Russia will not hesitate to steal anything peaceful designed by idealistic Western researchers and weaponize it. In time, artificial intelligence could become a first-strike weapon as devastating as any nuclear missile, and certainly far more subtle. It’s an arms race the free world cannot afford to lose