Thursday, August 30, 2018

Lumpini: Great Documentary that Features Muay Thai and Saenchai

This great documentary, "Lumpini" was shot a couple of years ago, when the historic old Lumpinee Stadium was closing down and the new Lumpinee Stadium was being built.
I was fortunate to participate in this documentary as I headlined the last event at the old stadium and the first event in the new stadium.
Many fans discuss why I don't fight in the Thai stadiums anymore. Part of it is because of the international purses. But more importantly, it's because I want to showcase the old style of legendary Muay Thai techniques.
In the past, there were alot more variety in Muay Thai techniques. By fighting abroad and in newer organizations, these techniques aren't interefered by the current stadium scoring system which is heavily influenced by the gambling.
Many of my signature techniques are influenced by the old style. I fight abroad because I want the old style of Muay Thai to impress the audience. I travel the world to represent this historic and legendary art of Thailand. I want to showcase how beautiful and deadly the art of Muay Thai is.
I want Muay Thai to echo around the world. Because of my amazing fans, this is possible. Thank you for being a part of this.
By watching documentary like this one, you can support Muay Thai
In this documentary, history, scoring, corruption, gambling, and the life of a fighter are all highlighted. Please like and share if you want to help grow Muay Thai.
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