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Bokhari: Google Is Trump’s Most Dangerous Enemy - Breitbart News Network

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Bokhari: Google Is Trump’s Most Dangerous Enemy

30 Aug 2018, Allum Bokhari

After criticizing social media platforms for mass-censoring conservatives and the alternative media earlier this month, President Trump has turned his attention to Google. Not a moment too soon — of all the politically biased tech giants, Google is by far the most dangerous.
Trump’s critical comments about Google referenced statistics from a report in PJ Media which found that a staggering 96 percent of search results for “Trump” return results from news sites that are hostile to the President. Breitbart News’ own investigation found the same result.
As Google search results are personalized, this wasn’t a strictly scientific study — that would require tests on hundreds, if not thousands of Google users. But the fact that a conservative columnist received search results that were 96 percent liberal should be deeply worrying. If that’s what a conservative with a (presumably) conservative search history sees, what kind of results are being sent to swing-voters?
The fact that it could be a problem of all search engines, not just Google, due to the way search algorithms detect “trustworthy” content is true, but Google holds a stranglehold on the search market. It’s closest english-language competitor, Bing, holds 7 percent of the market for searches according to NetMarketShare.
Election-swinging power 
If Google’s well-documented far-left biases are trickling into its search algorithm, what is the worst that could happen? If recent research is to be believed, the worst would be no more election victories for conservative candidates — ever. 
The research, led by former Psychology Today editor Dr. Robert Epstein shows that when presented with negative search results about a candidate, the opinions of undecided voters shift against that candidate by a staggering 43.4 percent — enough to swing virtually any election. Epstein’s earlier research suggests that Google already biased its search results towards Hillary Clinton in 2016, shifting up to 2.6 million votes in her favor (just below the margin by which she won the popular vote).
It’s impossible to say for sure if Google is deliberately stacking its search results against Trump. And that’s the entire problem — the company is not currently required to be transparent about its algorithms, who’s in charge of them, and what their biases are. Given the vast power that this company has accumulated — the power to “organize the world’s information”, as the company’s own mission statement reads — how can this be allowed to continue?
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