Sunday, August 19, 2018

‘Black-clad’ Individuals Set Populist Sweden Democrats Election Kiosk On Fire - Breitbart News Network

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‘Black-clad’ Individuals Set Populist Sweden Democrats Election Kiosk On Fire

19 Aug 2018, Chris Tomlinson

A number of unidentified “black-clad” individuals are said to have burned down an election tent kiosk belonging to the populist Sweden Democrats party in the city of Gothenburg.

Police say they believe around ten individuals were involved in the attack with Peter Adlersson of the Western Regional Police saying a preliminary investigation into the incident has been initiated, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.

“There were several tents there and there was a great risk of spreading to the tents as well,” Aldersson added.
The president of the Sweden Democrats in Gothenburg, Jörgen Fogelklou, condemned the attack, saying: “It’s complete idiocy. They have put people’s lives and health at stake.”
“They are completely confused if they think the destruction of this material will make us quiet. The great cost will be paid to Gothenburg taxpayers. We have borrowed this tent from the city of Gothenburg,” Fogelklou continued, adding: “it was no ordinary tent, it was huge with electricity and a floor.”
The local Sweden Democrat leader estimated that the value of the material in the tent kiosk could run up as much as 10,000 Swedish kronor (£856) but said that despite the setback the party would soon replace the damaged campaign materials.