Thursday, August 16, 2018

Vlad Tepes Blog Interview: Canadian Ex-Muslim Sandra Solomon On Islam And Art (about 13 minutes)

This is an attempt to further educate the public about the nature on the Louvre today in Paris. Sandra Solomon speaks to the Islamic perspective on art and music.

-Vlad Tepes Blog

Islam is a religious political and cultural system. Its no more deserving of protection than that of Nazism or Communism with which, by the way, it shares a great deal. Islam is not a race and therefore criticism of it is not racist.

-Vlad Tepes Blog

My name is Sandra Solomon, a truly concerned Human Rights Advocate and proud citizen of the great nation of Canada.
The following summarized events are completely accurate and took place during my life without the slightest exaggeration. This concise biography is not intended to either offend anyone or persecute any religious group. I’m sharing this with my friends as a devout Christian and follower of my beloved lord Jesus Christ solely to relate my life experiences as they actually transpired devoid of any animosity.
I was born into a Palestinian family in the Westbank of Ramallah and later my family and I relocated to Jordan and thereafter Saudi Arabia at age 9 where I began my education. I did enjoy reading the Quran, yet not fully understanding the meaning of it all due to my youth. The majority of the subject matter was heavily influence by the Islamic faith’s pervasive Quran and Sona. I fervently studied Islamic texts and the Moral codes expounded upon in Sharia Law. We were also taught to abide by the dietary regulations of Halal and to conform to the various prohibitions against specific activities. As I grew up I began to feel a certain uneasiness about certain Islamic teachings. By the time I had started High School where I found joy in studying psychology it became apparent to me that that much of Islamic scripture was completely illogical. As a matter of course my skepticism progressively grew until I final began to doubt whether the God (Allah) of Islam was in truth the omniscient and omnipotent creator of the Universe we inhabit.