Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Daniel Greenfield, The Point: Islamic Professor: Muslims Can Rape Non-Muslim Women To Humiliate Them



The degradation of non-Muslims is the essence of Islamic religious practice

Here's an important thing to understand; this woman is a moderate. And I'm not saying that sarcastically. In Islamic terms, her position is a moderate one. She's specifically staking out a position against concubinage and slavery within Muslim society. The exception is when Muslims attack non-Muslims and take female prisoners. The fact that this is a moderate position says all you need to know about Islam.

The video was translated by Memri. The professor is from Al-Azhar, which is as mainstream establishment as Islam gets in Egypt. She limits this to what she describes as "legitimate wars", suggests that Jewish women in Israel should be a target, but then appears to sarcastically backtrack, this may be a backhanded attack on Egypt's government.
But here's how she describes the practice of Islamic sanctioned rape itself. "The female prisoners of wars are 'those whom you own.' In order to humiliate them, they become the property of the army commander, or of a Muslim, and he can have sex with them just like he has sex with his wives."
If you still think Islam has anything in common with normative religion, think again. There's no religious gloss over this. After having moderately isolated contexts in which rape is acceptable, the reason for it is bluntly nasty. Better Islamic apologists will claim that it was some favor to the women. But she is honest about that at least. The purpose of this Koranic rape, like all rape, is degradation.
Not just of the women, but of a people.
This degradation of non-Muslims is the essence of Islamic religious practice. It takes various forms from imposing yellow and blue badges for Jews and Christians (when Muslims presume to wear yellow stars and crybully as if they're the victims, they're hijacking their own symbol of degradation that the invading conquerors imposed on Jews) to, in its ugliest form, rape.
When Muslims cry, Allahu Akbar, they proclaim their supremacy to non-Muslims because Allah has allowed them to degrade the non-Muslims. When ISIS fighters shout Allahu Akbar and rape Yazidi women, this is what it means.
Islam hasn't been hijacked. Even in its moderate form, it is a theology of degrading non-Muslims.