Saturday, March 10, 2018

Christine Douglass-Williams: "Sweden refuses to investigate hundreds of acts of Muslim violence against Christian refugees"

Sweden refuses to investigate hundreds of acts of Muslim violence against Christian refugees

Despite a documented rise in attacks against Christian refugees by Muslim migrants, “Sweden’s government has launched no serious investigation.”
The Muslim violence against Christian refugees has been ongoing right from the beginning of the refugee crisis. It is also routine in Islamic states.
Open Doors USA reports that “215 million Christians faced the most severe persecution in 2017, resulting in 3,066 deaths and 1,020 rapes mainly targeting women.” Egypt, Jordan, Syria and the Palestinian territories were also cited as among the most dangerous places on earth for Christians.
While North Korea tops the list of the world’s worst persecuting countries, in second place and occupying every place down to number 14 are majority-Muslim countries, with the single exception of Eritrea.
Sweden — like Germany — has welcomed an astronomical number of Muslim refugees, which has translated into mass attacks on women, violent no-go zones and now rising Christian persecution. Many Christian refugees in Sweden have been asking if there is anywhere safe for them after escaping violence and persecution in Iraq and Syria.
“Sweden Refuses to Investigate 512 Acts of Muslim Religious Violence Against Christian Refugees”, by Tyler O’Neil, PJ Media, March 7, 2018:
As Syrian and other Middle Eastern refugees seek and find asylum in Europe, they bring their religious tensions and persecution with them. Specifically, Muslim migrants often persecute Christian migrants, or immigrants who converted to Christianity. Open Doors Deutschland documented 743 attacks on Christians in Germany in 2016, and German police documented another 100 in 2017. Similar violence plagues Christian refugees in Sweden, but the Scandinavian country has yet to issue an investigation.
“I fled the war to avoid this kind of thing,” a Christian refugee from Syria known by the alias Amir, told police, according a local newspaper in 2015. A 26-year-old jihadist and fellow Syrian refugee threatened to “slaughter” Amir, cut his throat, and even harm his family back in Syria. The man who threatened him was eventually sentenced to probation and fined 8,000 kronor (approximately $900) in damages.
A survey published by Open Doors Sweden last year found that Amir is far from alone. One hundred and twenty-three Christian asylum-seekers reported religiously motivated persecution, and 512 separate incidents. Christian refugees received 65 violent assaults, 55 death threats, 7 cases of sexual assault, along with instances of social exclusion, insults, contempt, and threats. More than half, 53 percent, said they had been violently attacked at least once. Almost half, 45 percent, reported receiving at least one death threat.
More than three-quarters of those who faced such persecution were converts to Christianity, and almost all of the perpetrators were Muslim. Other refugees or immigrants carried out more than four-in-five (81 percent) of the attacks, 415 out of 512. The most popular solution suggested by victims? Separate housing for Christian and Muslim immigrants.
“One time they told my daughter that she was not allowed to eat in the canteen without wearing a headscarf, if she wanted to keep her head,” one of the survey participants told Open Doors. “Another time, they told my son that he was not allowed to have a visible cross around his neck if he wanted to remain in one piece.”….