Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Ahval: Islamist TV calls for murder of secular newspaper’s editors

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Islamist TV calls for murder of secular newspaper’s editors

Feb 12 2018
A host for the Turkish Islamist Akit TV called for the killing of secular Cumhuriyet newspaper’s editors, saying their murder would be permissible according to Islam.
Yusuf Ozan, the host of Akit TV’s morning show, displayed Cumhuriyet’s frontpage on Sunday which had the headline “11 martyrs in Afrin” about news of 11 Turkish soldiers being killed on Saturday, the deadliest day since Turkish military incursion into Syria’s Afrin started on Jan. 20.
“I wish there was a one-man regime, then he would shut you down. I wish there was Sharia [Islamic Law] in this country, then they would hang you all.” Ozan was quoted by Cumhuriyet as saying.
“You are all traitors... trouble makers who hide behind the democracy cover. Your heads should be chopped off,” Ozan said.
“Democracy is a fiction, it is permissible to murder you during the war [according to Islam]... You don’t have even one bit of faith in you,” he said.