Saturday, February 03, 2018

Hard Left AntiFa Attempts Shutdown of Jacob Rees-Mogg at Bristol Uni

Hard left activists attempted to shut down a speech by Tory MP Jacob Rees Mogg at West England University. Video by Ben Kew for Breitbart London

Watch: Violent Alt-Left Antifa Extremists Try To Shut Down Jacob Rees-Mogg Speech

A group of masked, back-clad, alt-left Antifa extremists attempted to shut down a speech by Tory leadership favourite Jacob Rees-Mogg in a confrontation that escalated into violence.
Mr Rees-Mogg, a leading favourite to succeed current Conservative party Prime Minister Theresa May according to many bookmakers, was set to give a speech at the University of West England in Bristol. The speech was interrupted by Antifa extremists — identified as Labour Party campaigners — who shouted down the Tory MP and attempted to engage in violence.
Unlike many others in the same position, Mr Rees-Mogg decided to leave the front of the room and walk up to the extremists and confront them directly. The footage from the incident, taken by Breitbart News reporter Ben Kew who attended the event, shows how the situation soon rose to violence.
Mr Kew, who was only feet away from the incident, reports: “It was textbook Antifa. They stormed into the event screaming and shouting, before using physical violence. Mr Rees-Mogg did his best to calm the situation, but the protesters could not be reasoned with.”