Saturday, January 13, 2018

Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch: "UK: Police hunt down and issue warnings to people who made “offensive” comments about Muslim rape gangs"

ROBERT SPENCER is the director of Jihad Watch, a program of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, and the author of seventeen books, including the New York Times bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad. His latest book is The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Free Speech (and Its Enemies). Coming in November 2017 is Confessions of an Islamophobe (Bombardier Books).


UK: Police hunt down and issue warnings to people who made “offensive” comments about Muslim rape gangs

What did they say that was offensive? They referred “to the race and religion of the perpetrators,” who were all Muslim. The British police are more concerned that no one notice that Muslim rape gangs are made up of Muslims acting upon Islamic principles (the permission to take non-Muslim women as sex slaves in Qur’an 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, and 70:30) than they are about the Muslim rape gangs themselves. For years, British officials did not prosecute and even covered up Muslim rape gang activity for fear of being called “racist.” Now they’re wasting police resources that could and should be much better used elsewhere to track down people who are honest enough to state what is really happening: British officials are in the midst of a full capitulation to Islam and Sharia. Muslims and Islam must not be criticized, just as in a Sharia state — unless you want the police knocking on your door.
“Operation Shelter: Probe into offensive comments left on Northumbria Police Facebook page,” by Sophie Doughty, ChronicleLive, January 12, 2018:
Six people who left offensive comments on social media about the Operation Shelter sex gang have been tracked down by police.
Northumbria Police posted a series of articles on its Facebook page following the conviction of 18 people after an investigation into sex exploitation in Newcastle’s West End.
However, the force received a complaint after a number of comments were left on the page, referring to the race and religion of the perpetrators in the case.
An investigation was launched and police have now traced six people who were behind the posts deemed to be offensive and potentially criminal.
Officers have now spoken to these individuals and warned them about their behaviour.
A Northumbria Police spokesman said: “As a result of a complaint, we can confirm we looked into a number of comments posted on the force’s Facebook page.
“Following an investigation, which has now concluded, we spoke to two males as voluntary attenders and visited a further four people in their homes, and provided them with words of advice.
“All expressed their remorse and stated that the intention of their comments was not to cause concern or to be offensive and have acknowledged the words of advice provided.”
Seventeen men and one woman have now been jailed as part of Northumbria Police’s Operation Shelter investigation.
Newcastle Crown Court heard how the men would prey on troubled females and lure them to parties where they were plied with drugs and booze before being used for sex.
The offenders were all Asian or Eastern European descent, while their victims were all white British, a pattern that mirrored similar cases in Rotherham, Rochdale and Oxford….
However, the judge placed reporting restrictions on the cases, banning the media from reporting the proceedings until all the trials had concluded.
After the court order was lifted, Northumbria Police published details of the investigation and its outcome on its Facebook page, along with pictures and details of the offenders….
ChronicleLive understands that, after receiving a complaint, the force reviewed all the comments and two crimes were recorded – both racially aggravated public order offences.
And it was decided there were eight comments which required action.
Northumbria Police is now issuing a warning to users of its Facebook page offensive comments will not be tolerated….