Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Pamela Geller, Geller Report: "Bosnian Prosecutor Says Sweden Is the Largest Market for Illegal Balkan Weapons"

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Bosnian Prosecutor Says Sweden Is the Largest Market for Illegal Balkan Weapons
By Pamela Geller - on January 24, 2018
Here is still more proof of what I have maintained for years, and have been excoriated and vilified for doing so: that President Bill Clinton made another catastrophic mistake backing the Muslims in the Bosnian war. Like President Carter backing the Ayatollah Khomeini against the pro-American Shah, the consequences of aiding and abetting Islamic movements are catastrophic. And here is more evidence of that fact. I have warned for years that the Balkans would become a base for jihad in Europe, and now we see it happening, with Balkan jihadis selling weapons to their counterparts in Sweden.
Clinton and the enemedia came together in the 1990s to give the jihadis a beachhead in Europe by destroying Yugoslavia. Anyone who raised concerns about what he was was doing was dismissed as a bigot and a defender of “Serbian genocide.” Clinton’s support of the Bosnian Muslims and abandonment of the Serbs obscene and wrong, and has led directly to this: “‘everyone is armed’ in the Swedish criminal underworld as the number of grenade attacks and shootings continues to increase in the country.”
I continue to take heat for my support of the Serbs (Christians) in Clinton’s Bosnian misadventure. But it is increasingly clear that I have been right all along: we were on the wrong side in that war, and the consequences of Clinton’s perfidy will continue to reverberate in that region.
“Bosnia: Sweden Is the Largest Market for Illegal Balkan Weapons,” by Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, January 23, 2018 (thanks to Arlene):
Bosnian prosecutor Goran Glamocanin has claimed that Sweden is the number one market in Europe for illegal weapons from the Balkan region after yet another explosion occurred in Malmö over the weekend.
The Bosnian prosecutor, who is currently involved with the prosecution of 20 people who are alleged to have attempted to traffick illegal military grade arms out of the country, said almost all of the weapons were headed to Sweden, Aftonbladet reports.
“According to the information we have now, the Swedish market is the most attractive in Europe. It is because of the high demand,” said Glamocanin.
Several sources told Aftonbladet that “everyone is armed” in the Swedish criminal underworld as the number of grenade attacks and shootings continues to increase in the country.
According to a former criminal involved in the organised crime scene, hand grenades have become easily accessible and can be bought for as little as £91 ($123) each.
While many weapons end up in the hands of criminals in Sweden, occasionally smugglers are caught before they make it to the country. In 2016, a 32-year-old Serbian man, a 25-year Swede, and a 17-year-old Turkish-Finnish citizen were all arrested on the Slovenian border with 59 hand grenades, five machine guns, and large amounts of ammunition.
On Sunday evening, an explosion rocked the notorious heavily migrant-populated Malmö suburb of Rosengård only a week after a police station was attacked by men allegedly using explosives in the same area….
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