Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Malaysia: Mufti forbids non-Muslims to use 40 words, including “Allah,” “Qur’an” and “Sharia,” on pain of fines or imprisonment - Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch

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Malaysia: Mufti forbids non-Muslims to use 40 words, including “Allah,” “Qur’an” and “Sharia,” on pain of fines or imprisonment

Islamic supremacism gallops on in modern, moderate Malaysia. “Penang mufti outlaws 40 words to non-Muslims,” by Predeep Nambiar for New Straits Times, January 11 (thanks to Lookmann):
GEORGE TOWN: “SOLAT”, “Surau” and “Masjid” are words non-Muslims in Penang are prohibited from using in their writings.
The words are among the 40 decreed by the Penang mufti, as provided under subsection 48(3) and (4) of the Penang Islamic Religious Administration Enactment 2004, as exclusive to Muslims.
The other words are “Allah”, “Firman Allah”, “Ulama”, “Hadith”, “Ibadah”, “Kaabah”, “Qadhi'”, “Illahi”, “Wahyu”, “Mubaligh”, “Syariah”, “Qiblat”, “Haji”, “Mufti”, “Rasul”, “Iman”, “Dakwah”, “Wali”, “Fatwa”, “Imam”, “Nabi”, “Sheikh”, “Khutbah”, “Tabligh”, “Akhirat”, “Azan”, “Al Quran”, “As Sunnah”, “Auliya'”, “Karamah”, “Syahadah”, “Baitullah”, “Musolla”, “Zakat Fitrah”, “Hajjah”, “Taqwa” and “Soleh”.
A Penang Mufti’s Department spokesman said besides prohibited from using the words, non-Muslims were also forbidden to write or publish any of the words in any form, version or translation in any language or for use in any publicity material in any medium, including print, electronic and any form, that could insult the sanctity of Islam.
The decree was enforced on April 29, 2010.
Those found flouting the decree would be charged under Section 3 of the Syariah Criminal Offences Enactment (Penang) 1996.
The section says any person, whether he or she is Muslim or not, who develops doctrines or religious beliefs other than Islamic religious doctrine or belief among Muslims is guilty of an offence triable in the civil court and shall be liable to a fine not exceeding RM3,000 or imprisonment not exceeding two years or both.
The spokesman said so far, no action had been taken against any individual or group since the law was enforced.
Yesterday, the New Straits Times reported that Kelantan had enforced the law prohibiting non-Muslims from using 24 Islamic words and phrases, including “Allah” for more than 30 years.