Sunday, October 22, 2017

Moderate Morocco: Homosexuals are Trash, Says Moroccan Human Rights Minister - Pamle Geller, Geller Report


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Moderate Morocco: Homosexuals are Trash, Says Moroccan Human Rights Minister


Morocco’s own minister for human rights, Mustapha Ramid, came out and said, in front of journalists, that homosexuals are “trash,” the ugly misfits of society.
He followed that by saying on his Facebook page that “homosexuality is a crime and is not acceptable within our society.”

Protesters were deported from Morocco after defending two gay men on trial.

What’s most interesting about the remarks is that Morocco is heralded by the left as a place of Muslim tolerance.
Here’s the story, thanks to Ansa:
The Moroccan minister for human rights has said in front of journalists that he feels homosexuals are ”trash” and then wrote on his Facebook page that ”homosexuality is a crime and is not acceptable within our society”. Marrakesh will on Thursday open a museum dedicated to the homosexual fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.
The ribbon of the museum was cut by Princess Lalla Salma, the princess consort of Morocco. She was present at the inauguration of the initiative alongside Madison Cox, a landscape artist and wife of Pierre Berge, a businessman who died recently and was the life companion of the fashion designer. On the sidelines of a meeting on the issue of torture a few days ago, Mustapha Ramid, a minister tasked with human rights and humanitarian issues, responded to a question from the media on when homosexuality would be decriminalized by saying that ”I do not have time for these issues. In my opinion, homosexuals are trash.” To better clarify his position, he later wrote the Facebook post. Many letters of condemnation and protest went sent by Moroccan associations, including to government chief Saad Eddine El Othmani and the king.
They were urged to dismiss the minister, who they said ”encourages homophobia” and ”makes a mockery of the Moroccan constitution”. Ramid, who was born in 1959 and who has two wives, is part of the pro-Islamist Justice and Development Party that holds a government majority and has made similar statements in the past.
In 2015, when he was justice minister, he said on a popular radio program that ”in order to avoid problems with the law, homosexuals just have to undergo a sex change”. Moroccan civil society has been working hard to abolish Article 489 of the Criminal Code, which punishes sexual acts between people of the same gender with up to three years in prison.
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