Monday, September 04, 2017

Mahr: Price of Owning a Wife (Some Misconceptions) - WikiIslam

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Purpose of the Mahr

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This article discusses the Mahr (مهر‎, "dowry") and its purpose within Islam, as shown through the Islamic texts themselves (for the marriage contract paid for by the groom in the form of the mahr, see The Meaning of Nikah).



The purpose of the mahr as explained by the Islamic texts is clear; it is a payment from a man to a women; payment in full for the future sexual relations (nikah) he will have with her. This is illustrated by the requirement for a mahr in temporary "marriages", the statements of Prophet Muhammad, and the fact that a mahr cannot be taken back (except under extenuating circumstances) because the man has availed himself of the service for which it was payment. The apologetic claim that it is simply a demonstrative token of his ability to financially support his wife does not hold up to scrutiny once all of the evidence is examined. Even the Qur'an alone makes it clear this is incorrect.