Monday, August 21, 2017

Rebels of Google: Tampons Kept in Men’s Restrooms Because ‘Some Men Menstruate’ - Breitbart News Network

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Rebels of Google: Tampons Kept in Men’s Restrooms Because ‘Some Men Menstruate’

by LUCAS NOLAN17 Aug 2017
The second part of an exclusive interview with a high ranking former Google engineer who wishes to remain anonymous reveals the Google experience for conservative employees, and a surprising approach to gender in company restrooms.
The former Google engineer (alias “Arthur”), worked at Google for several years in a relatively prominent position within the company. Breitbart News questioned Arthur about the treatment of conservatives at Google and the companies internal culture, described as an “ideological echo-chamber” by recently-fired employee James Damore. Read part one of the interview here.
Arthur discussed the very real possibility of blacklisting and discrimination for expressing conservative beliefs saying, “Google’s internal jobs board ‘Grow’ is completely unregulated, and when you ‘express interest’ in a job, the hiring manager is under no obligation whatsoever to even look at your resume, let alone interview or hire you. So the threats of “blacklisting” that we saw in the Damore affair are very real.”
Arthur also gave some insight into the distribution of conservatives and liberals at Google.
“Before the election someone ran an informal poll, and I believe the numbers were 81% Clinton, 19% Trump. While that’s obviously lopsided, it still means that about 14,000 Googlers voted Trump (with current headcount of about 72,000).” 14,000 Google employees, while far from a majority, is still quite a large amount of employees at the liberal Silicon Valley company that support President Trump.

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