Thursday, August 31, 2017

Abbas: I Won’t Stop Paying Terrorists ‘Until My Dying Day’ - Breitbart News

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Abbas: I Won’t Stop Paying Terrorists ‘Until My Dying Day’

by DEBORAH DANAN29 Aug 2017

TEL AVIV – Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas reportedly told President Donald Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner that he wouldn’t stop payments to convicted terrorists “until his dying day,” a leading Palestinian newspaper said Monday.

According to the PA-affiliated Al-Quds newspaper, Kushner once again told Abbas in their Thursday meeting in Ramallah that the “pay to slay” program – in which convicted terrorists and their families are paid a monthly stipend, sometimes to the tune of $3,300 – must stop.
The article quoted Gal Berger, an Israeli journalist covering Arab affairs, as saying that “Abbas informed Kushner that he would never stop paying these salaries until his dying day, even if this cost him the presidency.”
After his meeting with Kushner, Abbas issued a statement on Facebook confirming the Al-Quds article in which he vowed: “I will never stop [paying] the allowances to the families of the prisoners and released prisoners, even if this costs me my position and my presidency.” 
“I will pay them until my dying day,” he added.

The PA has paid out over $1 billion in terrorist salaries over the past four years.