Thursday, July 06, 2017

U.S. Commander in South Korea: We’re Prepared for War with North Korea - Breitbart News Network

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U.S. Commander in South Korea: We’re Prepared for War with North Korea

by KRISTINA WONG5 Jul 2017

The top U.S. commander in South Korea warned North Korea that the U.S. and its South Korean ally are prepared to go to war on Wednesday, a day after Pyongyang conducted its first intercontinental ballistic missile test.
“Self-restraint, which is a choice, is all that separates armistice and war. As this Alliance missile live fire shows, we are able to change our choice when so ordered by our Alliance national leaders,” said Army Gen. Vincent K. Brooks in a statement.
“It would be a grave mistake for anyone to believe anything to the contrary,” said Brooks, the commander of Combined Forces Command. South Korea’s top military officer also issued a similar warning.
“We may make resolute decisions anytime, if the Alliance Commanders in Chief order. Whoever thinks differently is making a serious misjudgment,” Gen. Lee Sun-Jin, chairman of the Republic of Korea Joint Chiefs of Staff, said.


The U.S. and South Korean militaries, shortly after the launch, fired surface-to-surface missiles in a live-fire joint exercise meant as a show of force to North Korea.
U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley requested an emergency U.N. Security Council meeting on Wednesday, announcing that the U.S. in coming days would introduce a new resolution against North Korea.
Trump is expected to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20 economic summit taking place this weekend in Hamburg, Germany, where he will likely discuss what Beijing can do to pressure its rogue ally.
White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Sanders declined to preview exactly what next steps the U.S. might take.
“We’ve been pretty consistent that we are never going to broadcast next steps but I don’t have anything further on that right now,” Sanders said.
The Pentagon, meanwhile, said it had confidence in its ballistic missile defense capabilities, calling the ICBM test a “limited threat” to the U.S.