Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Music video celebrates suicide bombings: “Strap on an explosive belt... Turn them into body parts”

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Video shows a band preforming in front of a smoking, blown up bus, and shows a reenactment of events leading up to the bus exploding: Terrorists plan the attack, the suicide bomber who carries out the attack prays, waits for the bus and then boards the bus together with other passengers, some of whom are Orthodox Jews. The bomber is seen clutching his stomach before the sound of an explosion is heard.

Visual: poster of terrorist Yahya Ayyash

Text on poster: "Commander Yahya Ayyash" 
(Note: Ayyash was responsible for the death of dozens of Israelis in suicide bombings)

Visuals: Man singing in front of bus with holes, burn marks and smoke rising from it, a table with pictures

Lyrics: "Happy are you, O Ayyash’s brother Allah’s blessings upon you
Your bomb [fragments] are inside the enemy’s body
You did not allow any bus to drive in the street without its roof flying into the sky"

Visuals: Flashback, images of people boarding the intact bus, man (the suicide bomber) sits with child (his son) on a couch, men standing at a table planning the attack

Visuals: Men dancing, singing in front of the bus

"The roof along with body parts..."

Visuals: Images of terrorists planning bus bombing, outlining the bus’s route on a map, alternating with the singers in front of the bus

"O bearer of good news, strap on an explosive belt
Nothing will be told about the Intifada except for the roof of the bus that flew off 
O Martyrdom seeker, respond to Al-Aqsa’s call
Make the bomb even more powerful
Bring [Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu down
And the losses should be too many for him to count"

Visuals: Terrorists planning the bus bombing, looking at the bomber 

"Scatter them in all directions, terrorize their families"

Visual: Bomber praying and prostrating himself

"Have no mercy on the settlers
Onward, send them to Hell
They have nothing but graveyards"

Visual: Flashback - People, including Orthodox Jews, waiting at a bus stop, joined by bomber, bus seen pulling up to bus stop

Visual: Singer in front of smoking bus

"O Martyrdom seeker, Al-Aqsa has called you
O my son, make haste towards Martyrdom
O you who is willing, blow yourself up
And protect the pure ground of the Al-Aqsa [Mosque]...
O Martyrdom seeker, make them weep
Let fire burn them, turn them into body parts, roast them"

Visuals: Flashback to intact bus, now with Israeli flag on the door, opening the door, passengers begin boarding the bus, alternating with singers in front of burnt bus

"Gladden the hearts of our people who stand strong
O Martyrdom seeker, we must protect our people"

Visual: Passengers continue boarding the bus, bomber boards the bus

"You are the voice of pride among us
With your explosive belt we will protect our noble women
We want the street to overflow with dead and the blood to increase their suffering"

Visuals: Bus begins driving, alternating with singers in front of burnt bus

"Make the Zionist retreat from the rage of my rebelling people
O bearer of good news, strap on an explosive belt"

Visuals: Alternating between images of the bus driving, bomber, Orthodox Jewish passengers on the bus, singers in front of burnt bus

"Nothing will be told about the Intifada except for the roof of the bus that flew off..."

Visual: singers, image of bomber lying on coach, reading book

"Be true to Allah
O Martyrdom seeker, Allah chose you "

Visual: Image of bomber sitting on the bus

"The Prophet Muhammad is your neighbor
May your house in Paradise be blessed
March forward and avenge your religion"

Visual: Singers sitting in and standing outside burnt out bus

"Detonate [the bomb], and your right hand will be blessed
O wearer of the [explosive] belt, how proud of you we will be
When we celebrate the good news (i.e., of your Martyrdom)
O Martyrdom seeker, tighten your belt
Blow yourself up, call for [the end of] your days
How wonderful is your bomb which blows up the immoral Zionist...
O bearer of good news, strap on an explosive belt
Nothing will be told about the Intifada except for the roof of the bus that flew off."

Visual: Flashback image of bomber holding his stomach fades out to sound of explosion, flames.

[Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas), Feb. 6, 2016]

The above clip was translated and documented by Palestinian Media Watch:

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