Saturday, June 10, 2017

Sex Attacks At Swedish Festivals Have Risen 1000 Percent - Breitbart News Network

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Sex Attacks At Swedish Festivals Have Risen 1000 Percent

A new report has revealed that sex attacks at Swedish festivals and  increased as much as 1000 percent in 2016, a trend which does not appear to be changing.

Non-profit organisation The Night Shift say they have documented over a hundred cases of sexual molestation, and that the numbers continue to rise Expressen reports. Over the past year, Sweden has seen a dramatic increase in the number of sex attacks at open air festivals and amusement parks across the country.


In reaction to the many sex attacks over the last year, Lisen Andréasson Florman formed the Night Shift, an NGO designed to help put pressure on festival organisers to prevent future sex attacks.
Despite some festival organisers listening to the complaints and increasing their security, festivals like We are Sthlm still saw 50 sexual assault incidents.


Many of the men who have committed sex attacks at the various festivals were described as having a “foreign origin.”


Official data from the Swedish government has shown that over the last two years sexual assaults have risen by a massive 70 percent nationwide. Between 13 and 14 percent of women now say they won’t venture out alone at night due to fears they may become victims of an attack.