Thursday, June 08, 2017

Rajoub misleads Palestinians about his statement to Israeli TV about the Western Wall

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Rajoub lies to Palestinians: “I did not mention the word ‘sovereignty’” over Western Wall
[on Facebook]
… after saying to Israelis: “The Western Wall…in the end it has to be under Jewish sovereignty”
[on Israeli TV]

Rajoub on PA TV: We will not agree to Israeli sovereignty over the Western Wall

Fatah Central Committee Secretary Jibril Rajoub: "East Jerusalem will be under the full sovereignty of the Palestinians to the last centimeter, and our capital will be East Jerusalem... It was a long interview [on Israeli TV], 36 minutes of which they released 12 minutes, and it is clear that several of the central points [were cut] in editing... [I said on Israeli TV]: ‘When he [Trump] went to the Wailing Wall, he went alone, and did not agree that any one of you [Israelis] would come. That’s also a message to you, even though it’s holy to you.’ [Israeli interviewer] asked: ‘Will you agree to Israeli sovereignty [there]?’ I told her: ‘No way. If Trump doesn’t recognize your sovereignty there, I’m supposed to agree?’ Of course this part – "
PA TV host: "Was left out..."
Rajoub: "What I said is: 'Jewish religious supervision.’ I am issuing a challenge, even in the transcript, is it written that I said ‘Israeli sovereignty.''"
[Official PA TV, June 5, 2017]

Rajoub: “On [Israeli TV] Channel 2, I did not mention the word sovereignty or Israel at all”
(Facebook page of Jibril Rajoub, June 4, 2017)

Rajoub interview with Israeli TV: “The Western Wall… in the end it has to be under Jewish sovereignty”

Rajoub: "When [US President Trump] came, he went to the Western Wall, and we understand that it is a holy site for the Jews, and in the end it has to be under Jewish sovereignty. We have no argument with that. "
Israeli TV interviewer: "That the Western Wall will remain under Jewish sovereignty?"
Rajoub: "Yes, of course. It is a holy site for the Jews."
[Israeli TV Channel 2, June 3, 2017]

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