Saturday, June 17, 2017

PA TV falsifies video to hide handshake between Israeli soldier and boy

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This PMW video shows two versions of the same video. The first video is an unedited clip of a 4-year-old shaking hands with a Palestinian soldier. The second video is PA TV's edited version of the video, in which the handshake is cut out and the PA TV reporter says that even 4-year-olds know that "it is forbidden to shake hands with the soldiers, just as it is forbidden to make peace with them."

PMW bulletin:

Unedited version of the video:

Palestinian father to soldiers: "Shoot this little boy, after all you always do that to small children! Shoot! Shoot! Shoot him! Go, go! (unclear) Shoot him, heroes!"

Palestinian father to son: "Go, go! Don’t be scared! Don’t be scared! (unclear) Raise the flag! Raise, raise!"

Palestinian father: "Let them shoot and kill him! Kill him, shoot him!"

Boy and soldier shake hands

[Facebook page of Lt. Col. Peter Lerner Israeli Army Spokesperson and Head of the Foreign Press Branch, July 30, 2016] 

Edited version by PA TV:

Official PA TV reporter: "Not only does [Palestinian] civilian Ayoub Sorour defend [his land], but his son, who has yet to reach the age of five, also knows, despite his young age, that it is forbidden to shake hands with the soldiers, just as it is forbidden to make peace with them, as long as the foreigners defile the land and settle it."

PA TV edits out handshake (slow-motion by PA TV) 

(Palestinian father to son): "Shoot him! After all you are always doing things like this. Always shooting small children and killing them. Don’t be scared! Throw the rock! Throw!"

(Palestinian father to son): "Throw!"

[Official PA TV, July 29, 2016]

The above clip was translated and documented by Palestinian Media Watch:

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