Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Gun Rights Advocate: ‘Arming Britons Takes Away Terrorists’ Advantage’ - Breitbart News Network

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Gun Rights Advocate: ‘Arming Britons Takes Away Terrorists’ Advantage’

by VICTORIA FRIEDMAN13 Jun 2017Gun rights advocate Dr. John Lott has said to stop terror attacks, Britain should arm her police and allow law-abiding citizens to carry concealed handguns which takes away the terrorists’ strategic advantage.

“With a permit to conceal handguns, the terrorists don’t know who to worry about. They don’t know whether, when they attack, if somebody there can shoot them. It changes how they hit targets and attack,” Dr. Lott told host and Editor in Chief of Breitbart London Raheem Kassam on Breitbart News Daily.
When asked by Breitbart News Daily host Kassam whether reforming UK laws for civilians would, in turn, make firearms more accessible to terrorists, Dr. Lott said: You have to understand when you ban guns the people most likely to obey those rules are going to be the most law abiding citizens.
“Look at the attacks in France. They used machine guns – it’s illegal for the vast majority of people to own semi-automatic guns, yet it didn’t stop the terrorists getting automatic machine guns.”
“What you have to do is take away the strategic advantage that these types of terrorists have. That is, to allow a lot more response by allowing civilians to  carry as well as arming police.”