Friday, June 09, 2017

Citizen Warrior: Whoever Is Most Organized Will Win

Whoever Is Most Organized Will Win


And the same principle is being demonstrated in many places in the free world: The Muslims are organized and the freedom-defenders are not. So Muslims have a disproportionate political influence. They create organizations that sue people. They create organizations to lobby politicians. They create organizations to give the press answers on Islamic questions. They are winning. Why?

They're organized.

But they are totally outnumbered. And it would not take much to prevent them from waging jihad by gaining concessions, or getting people fired for criticizing Islam, or helping Jihadis immigrate to our country to promote jihad in the mosques, or anything else we want to stop them from doing — we could easily do it if only we were organized. There is something missing and it is badly needed: United action.