Sunday, December 09, 2018

Citizen Warrior: What's the Game Plan?

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What's the Game Plan?

What are we doing on Citizen Warrior? What are we aiming for? It's a good idea to revisit this question from time to time.

Our main focus is on helping you, the reader, educate people you know about the problem of Islam.

The outcome we're aiming at is a population that is no longer fooled by the nonsense about Islam communicated in the media and by politicians.

This better-educated population will create a growing base of support for news outlets and politicians who speak honestly about Islamic doctrine. As Robert Spencer points out, right now "it is political suicide to speak honestly about Islam." We intend to create a condition where it is not political suicide. Once that happens, people everywhere will be emboldened to speak honestly about Islam in public.

Until enough people understand some basics about Islam, the public solutions supported by the general population will be ineffective.

This work is almost entirely one-on-one. The bulk of this education must happen between you and people you know. When the number of enlightened people reaches a critical point, the general awareness will expand rapidly as the media and politicians gain the courage (because of sufficient support) to educate the rest of the population.