Monday, June 12, 2017

Citizen Warrior: Freedom`s Last Stand

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ORTHODOX MUSLIMS have infiltrated almost all mainstream sources of information:mainstream television newsmovies,newspapers,government officials, and textbooks. Muslims are pressingtheir political agendaon them all. Information about Islam coming from those sources is compromised, and in many instances, deliberately distorted to serve Islam's prime directive.

There are only two places people can speak freely without being limited by orthodox Muslims: books and the internet. If it weren't for those, the ignorance about Islam among the non-Muslim population would be almost total.

Free speech has remained largely free in book publishing.
And at least as important have been all the rogue bloggers on the internet, reading on their own and posting whatever they want. They kept this fight alive in the early days. They have played — and are still playing — a vital role in stopping the advance of Islam's third jihad. They are largely the reason "the Resistance" is finally gaining momentum. They laid the groundwork, helped spread the word, and most importantly, wrote honestly about Islam when nobody else dared to.


What eventually gets published in mainstream media is often not only not informative, but actually misleading.

But the internet is free. And the freedom fighting bloggers have kept up the fight when nobody else wanted to have anything to do with it. Because of them, the tide is turning. We owe them a great debt for making freedom's last stand.