Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Jews' money lending "Shylock" behavior caused Antisemitism - PA TV

A history program on Palestinian Authority TV features two Jordanian scholars who claim that Jews caused Antisemitism because of their money lending 'Shylock' behavior. According to one academic, the association between 'Shylock' and Jews originated in the Shakespearean play The Merchant of Venice, in which one of the characters is a greedy Jewish money lender named 'Shylock'. He goes on to say that "the Jews are hated in every society in which they have [ever] lived" because of "their great love of money."
The other scholar incorrectly claims that no Jews lived in Palestine 150 years ago. He explains that at that time, the Jews were being persecuted in Europe for "harm[ing] the people of the lands in which they lived." 

Jordanian academic Arafat Hijazi:
"150 years ago, when there were no Jews in Palestine, the Jews were in Europe, in Eastern Europe, but the Jews suffered from persecution by the European nations.
The reason was that they would harm the people of the lands in which they lived.
They had a problem: Wherever they went, they were expelled, and were imprisoned."

Jordanian academic Muhammad Dohal:
"The Jews are hated in every society in which they have lived, because of their behavior relating to their great love of money.
Their behavior led to [Shakespeare's] famous story, the story of Shylock about money lending, which clings to the Jews. This is how they harmed the societies that embraced them."
[PA TV (Fatah), Oct. 17, 2010]

The above clip was translated and documented by Palestinian Media Watch:


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