Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Abbas: Hamas and Fatah need not recognize Israel
PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas makes contradictory statements to different audiences about the need for Hamas to recognize Israel. In a meeting with US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, Abbas states that Hamas must recognize Israel. The following day, Abbas states on Palestinian television that neither Hamas nor Fatah need recognize Israel. He goes on to explain that only a future Palestinian government will have to recognize Israel. This is a clear of example of the duplicity of PA leaders, who state one thing in English to foreign audiences and the opposite in Arabic to Palestinian and Arab audiences.

Abbas to Condoleezza Rice: "Hamas must recognize Israel" [The Jerusalem Post, Oct. 4, 2006]
Abbas to Arabs: "Hamas need not recognize Israel" [Al-Arabiya (Dubai) and PA TV (Fatah), Oct. 3, 2006]
Full Abbas statement: "It is not required of Hamas, nor of Fatah, nor of the Popular Front, to recognize Israel. Every person has the right to say, 'I do not recognize,' okay? It's your right. It is the right of any organization. But the government which will be formed, and which will function opposite the Israelis on a daily basis - how can this government, or these ministers, not recognize their counterparts, and then solve people's problems? The Palestinian finance minister has to come to an agreement with the Israeli finance minister about the transfer of the money. So how can he make an agreement with him if he does not recognize him? So I do not demand of Hamas nor any others to recognize Israel. But from the government that works with Israelis in day-to-day life, yes."
[Al-Arabiya (Dubai) and PA TV (Fatah), Oct. 3, 2006]

The above clip was translated and documented by Palestinian Media Watch:

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