Thursday, April 06, 2017

Marines: ‘Readiness Required to Deter Aggression’ and ‘Win Our Nation’s Battles’ at Risk - Breitbart News Network

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Marines: ‘Readiness Required to Deter Aggression’ and ‘Win Our Nation’s Battles’ at Risk

by EDWIN MORA6 Apr 2017The Marine Corps, under current funding levels, is expected to face “increasingly significant challenges” to the readiness necessary to deter aggression and win America’s battles, high-ranking military officials told lawmakers.


According to the lieutenant generals who are in charge of the various pillars of the Marine Corps, the lethal capabilities of some potential adversaries have already exceeded America’s as a result of “deferred modernization” efforts.
“As we engage in the current fight and maintain our forward presence in order to respond to crises, our enemies and potential adversaries have not stood idle. They have developed new capabilities which now equal, or in some cases exceed, our own,” the Marines told the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Readiness.
The generals did not explicitly name any of the potential enemies.
Marine Corps Lt. Gens. Ronald Bailey, Jon Davis, and Michael Dana authored the joint remarks prepared for the House panel hearing. Bailey is the deputy commandant for plans, policies, and operations; Davis for aviation; and Dana for installations and logistics.
The U.S. Marines active force has shrunk from 202,000 to 182,000.
“While today’s force is capable and our forward deployed forces are ready to fight, we are fiscally stretched to maintain readiness across the breadth of the force in the near term, and to modernize for future readiness against threats we will face,” the generals said. “The Marine Corps will require sufficient resources to remedy this situation.”