Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Women in Blood Stained Dresses Protest a Law Exonerating Rapists Who Marry Their Victims

Demonstrate against Lebanese Law Exonerating Rapists Who Marry Their Victims!

A campaign against Article 522 of the Lebanese penal code, which permits rapists to avoid punishment by marrying their victims, made gains on December 7, after the parliamentary Committee for Administration and Justice announced that it had decided to abolish the article, according to an Al-Arabi Al-Yawm TV report.

On December 6, a demonstration was waged by the ABAAD association, with women standing in the street in blood-stained wedding dresses, holding placards that read: "A white dress does not cover up rape.

Undress 522." Footage of the demonstration was broadcast by Al-Jadeed/New TV.

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