Friday, December 02, 2016

Congress Passes New Iran Sanctions, Ignoring Obama Admin Threats

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Congress Passes New Iran Sanctions, Ignoring Obama Admin Threats

Obama admin locked in last-minute bid to preserve nuke deal

December 1, 2016 

Rep. Ileana Ros Lehtinen (R., Fla.), a vocal opponent of the nuclear deal, told the Free Beaconfollowing the vote that the Obama administration is not likely to be happy with the outcome.
“The only actions President Obama should be taking on Iran over these next few weeks is to vigorously and fully implement all sanctions against the regime and enforce all restrictions against its nuclear program,” she said. “But we shouldn’t expect that to happen, as we’ve already seen Iran attempt to manipulate the White House into blocking the Iran Sanctions Act extension—which was an unsuccessful effort—by absurdly claiming it would violate the JCPOA.”
Congress will continue to work against the administration’s pro-Iran efforts, Ros-Lehtinen said.
“It will be up to Congress to prevent any further concessions from the administration to the State Sponsor of Terror, Iran, and to prepare a solid game plan that counters the regime’s continued aggressive behavior and repeated attempts to violate or undermine its nuclear commitments so that when President-elect Trump’s administration comes in, we can move forward swiftly on any Iran-related action,” she said.
Iran’s continued aggression against U.S. forces in the region and ongoing demands that America give it greater access to financial resources have angered many on Capitol Hill, who told the Free Beacon that continued appeasement is no longer an option to rein in the regime’s behavior.
“It’s pathetic to see some administration officials ardently working behind the scenes to block the Iran Sanctions Extension Act when everyone, including the Iranians, should well know the renewal of the Iran Sanctions Act of 1996 does not expressly violate the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action,” said one senior GOP congressional aide working on the matter.
Another source described many attempts by Obama administration officials to work behind-the-scenes to preserve the deal. This includes continued sanctions relief for Iran, more cash payments, and the facilitation of deals enabling Iran to buy Western aircraft.
“The administration is attempting anything and everything possible to make the deal irreversible,” said one senior congressional aide familiar with Obama administration attempts to preserve the deal. “In short, this means more giveaways to Iran at the expense of our own national security.”
“We will continue to block these concessions when possible, and then work with President-elect Trump to undo them,” the source added. Just last week, the House passed the Iran Sanctions Act on a bipartisan basis despite bogus concerns from the administration.”